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In order to find the perfect niche markets to start selling into you need to look for the important factors like how many days a product has been in the top 100, how many reviews that product has, and how many other sellers or offers there are for a particular product.

This kind of data will give you a great indication if a product or niche is worth pursuing further. Without this information you can lose large amounts of money on inventory that can’t be sold.

If you were to do this research manually it would take hours upon hours of your time, and even then you would miss out on vital information. You could outsource it and spend hundreds of dollars paying people to compile information for you.

Or you can use a software program like AZ Prospector to get the results you seek in seconds!

Say goodbye to the old school method of spending hour after hour copying and pasting from Amazon into a spreadsheet! Check out the amazing features of this software.

Besides being compatible with both Mac and PCs this software comes complete with some fantastic search capabilities.

Feature #1: Category Search

Quickly get an idea of what products are hot based on their category. This software is setup with all the main Amazon categories so you can rest assured that you are research bases are completely covered!

Feature #2: Clear Button

Software includes a “Clear” button so you can start over. Just like the old Nintendo systems with the reset button, you have a chance to reset your search without having to open the software up!

Feature #3: Days In Top 100

AZ Prospector allows you to see how many days a particular item has been in the top 100 for their particular category! This helps you spot trends for up and coming products or can demonstrate a long and successful sales history for a particular product. This type of data would take many hours of research to figure out, and you get it with one click of your mouse!

Feature #4: Price

Sorting by price enables you to determine what products are selling at different price ranges, so you can better determine what product to sell.

Feature #5: Offers

On Amazon there can be several different sellers of the exact same product. AZ Prospector allows you to see how different businesses are selling the same products, so you can see demand and also view if the product you are looking at would have a lower competition.

Feature #6: Reviews

On Amazon a product with a high number of reviews is almost all the time a product that is getting a pile of sales. This is one of the favorite parts of this software. You can use the 8 different sorting options for reviews to uncover those hidden gems that you can start to grow your business around.

Feature #7: Keyword Research

If you have already settled on your niche market, or just want to sort through products using a certain keyword this software gives you that ability! You can run searches for any type of product and use the results to validate that you are going in the correct direction. With this keyword research option it opens up the capabilities of this software big time!

The enormous holiday shopping season which will be upon us soon is your chance to exponentially grow your sales by putting this software to work now.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you can be in a position to see the HUGE influx of sales in November and December.

With this software at your finger-tips you’ll find an easy way to take advantage of Amazon to get access to the hottest selling products right now so you can tap into the holiday shopping season rush!

Grab this tool and position yourself for serious income this holiday season!

Your 3 Step Plan For Cashing In
Big This Holiday Season

Discover what products are hot sellers with the AZ Prospector software.

Find a reputable supplier using the Sourcing Samurai software.

Post your products for sale on Amazon and Ebay!

You’ve already discovered the steps you need to go through to uncover
the hottest niches online.

The missing step is simple: Use our software to make your market research easier!

Affiliate Marketers Can Use
These Software Tools…

This software is not meant only for those that are selling physical products through Amazon FBA, eBay, or their own website. It can also work amazingly well for affiliates wanting to promote physical products through as an affiliate through Amazon, eBay Partner Network, ShareASale, or any number of websites were you can promote physical products!

Simply fire up the software and use it to identify the screaming hot untapped niches, create your basic affiliate site using WordPress, and start driving traffic to it!

With this tool in your arsenal there is no telling how much you can make in commissions!

The Holiday season is ripe for the picking for you as an affiliate as well!

Don’t miss out!

At last! Your new profitable Amazon niche markets will be revealed to you just moments from now!

Say goodbye to wasting hours and hours trying to find products to sell on Amazon!

Here’s the quick and easy way to find profitable Amazon niche markets and suppliers in seconds – it works so well you’ll swear it must be magic!

You’ll have at your fintertips a legal way to dig deep into Amazon’s and eBay’s databases to grab their deeply hidden niche market data – it’s like stealing candy from a baby!

Revaled in our training: Why traditionally taught methods for setting up an ecommerce store will NEVER yield the desired results – and what you need to do instead!

With these software tools you will narrow down your niche quickly, so you can dominate your competition like a ninja!

Find the right manufacturers with the best products and pricing that want to work with you in record speeds!

Here’s a dead-simple way to explore Amazon and eBay for the hottest niche markets!

You’ll finally have clarity about what products to start selling on Amazon without spending hours upon hours making entries into spreadsheets!

If you thought you needed to spend hundreds of dollars in outsourcing fees or days of your life looking at the computer screen researching the hot selling products, then you’re going to be SHOCKED by how quickly this software serves up the information you need to succeed!

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