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See, once you master the skills of getting your emails opened and clicked, you’ll rapidly increase the number of people who see what you’re selling, creating a bigger income.

When you master the skill of striking a chord with your audience, you’ll make far more revenue from the exact same amount of clicks.

And when you master the skill of collecting a massive number of emails, you can scale your business and income to a level that technically “HAS NO CEILING”.

This “Master Collection” is designed to help you do all of that, as quickly as possible.

This is where I you instantly gain the benefit of all my experience and knowledge from the thousands of emails I’ve sent and the hundreds of thousands of clicks I’ve delivered, along with that of the experts I’ve interviewed.

If you decide to leverage just a single technique from this entire treasure trove of “needle-moving” trainings…

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And ultimately it can end your email marketing frustrations once and for all… bringing you to new heights in the coming weeks.
The items that made it in had to meet the following criteria:
The strategies and tactics work powerfully
Still highly relevant
Received rave reviews from customers and when sold individually, have an extremely low refund rate
What Does The Email Marketing Master Collection Include?
Some of my best work in 5+ years…

“Advanced Email Sending Tactics” (45:56 Video)
You’ll learn the insider tricks that will allow you to write and send emails faster and maximize your time and profit. This is the nitty-gritty stuff that will make you 5-10x more efficient.
“The Hidden Lists” (PDF Report)
Along with your email list, you can actually build 3 or 4 highly-valuable, prospect and customer contact lists. “The Return Path” created by these lists is the most powerful marketing medium you can build. Properly building these lists can explode your ROI for any campaign, and for your entire business.
“Email Marketing Mindset” (28:41 Video)
If you’re just starting out or you have a small list, this video is so you can see the full picture and make smarter decisions about list-building. This is a vital foundation for anybody new to email marketing to move forward powerfully.
“4X Deliverability” (8:09 Video)
Get more emails in more inboxes –> Get more opens –> Get more clicks throughs –> Get more sales. Period.
“Email Sending Frequency Demystified” (5:22 Video)
Finally get a clear, concise, and thorough answer to “how often” you should send an email to your list. You’ll be surprised, it’s not what you think!
“The 6 REAL Success Principles Of Email Marketing” (PDF Report)
Most people have NO IDEA what creates the REAL profits in Email Marketing. If you are trying and currently failing to make money with email, you need this report. It will open your eyes, end your money and time-sucking distractions, and point you to the promise land, guaranteed.
“Dual Action Affiliate Profits” (30:29 Video + PDF Notes)
Discover the radical and innovative process I used to attract a hoard of affiliates and make nearly $10,000 in 72 hours, while adding over 600 rabid buyers to my list. This process doesn’t require you to be an expert or a product creator and can be repeated over and over again for massive profit (like I have done and others who have copied me have done).
“Scandalous Email Marketing Tactic” (11:13 Video)
This is downright scandalous and possibly my most polarizing video of all time. It’s a crazy tactic will allow you to get 90-100% open rates to very high-profile JV partners (or anybody else for that matter), every time. I promise you that your jaw will be on the floor within the first 60 seconds.
“Email For Offline Businesses” (15:16 Video)
Email is just as effective for brick and mortar businesses as it is for online ones. Learn to see the vital angles so you can either help your own business or make big paydays helping others.

And my most groundbreaking email marketing interviews…

“4X Lead Quality” With Russell Brunson (37:29 Audio)
Want to know what an 8-figure earner is currently doing to explode every branch of his company right now? Much of it is due to this weird lead-generation tactic that 99% of internet marketers don’t ever consider. Find out what it is and how to do it.
“350k Subscribers In His First 14 Months” With John Cornetta (1:32:09 Video/Audio)
Learn what it takes to be one of the fastest list-builders of all time. I was told the other day by a reliable source that this interview is still the best-selling interview WSO of all time.
“Tiny List Profit Explosion” With Rob Jones (57:36 Audio)
A few small details can land you huge profits and over $6 EPCs, from a tiny list of 440 people. So if you have a small list now, discover how you can extract excellent earnings without building it up at all.
“Guru Launch Underdog” With Zach Booker (46:25 Audio)
Another “tiny list profits” case study… this time of Zach making roughly $50,000 in affiliate commissions from 2 promotions off his small, 2,000 person list. You’re going to learn the insanely simple and easy “bonus” Zach offered to his list that cause them to rabidly JUMP into $2,000 purchases!
“AutoResponder Breakthrough” With Adam Nolan (44:24 Audio)
Ever wonder how to get your emails out of Google’s “Promotions Tab” and save up to 75% on your auto-responder costs? Discover a true breakthrough in email marketing technology that can bring you an unprecedented advantage over competitors and save you a boat load of money.

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