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What I did was put together the whole process of……

1) Finding the Gold

2) Making Contact with the Prospect

3) How to Do a “Social Media Assessment”

4) The “Irresistible Offer”

5) Getting Paid

You get over 25 short videos that show you exactly, step by step, the methods I use to land new offline clients!
With FB Easy Training…..

You Can Stop Wondering Where to Find New Offline Clients

You Can Find Prospects “Already” spending money on Advertising

You Can Be the “Problem Solver” not the hated “Marketer”

Check Out the Blueprint…..

Follow this BluePrint, Land New Clients!

These arent long and drawn out videos, we give you bite size videos that give you the step by step process on how to follow each part of the blueprint.

Are you still wondering if this is right for you? Let me give you a few more reasons why you really consider following it:
Facebook is “Familiar” to Local Biz Owners:

If you talk SEO, Paid Ads or Email Marketing to local business owners, they don’t understand it. Start talking Facebook, and you GRAB their attention!

Easy to Setup:

You will see how easy it is to help “FIX” your local business owners Facebook problem.

Easy to “Upsell” to more lucrative services:

You can use this method to get your “Foot in the Door,” but don’t stop there. You can now upsell them on more lucrative services like Email Marketing, Web Design and Mobile Marketing.

How About Some Bonus Items:
Easy to Use Online Software – No Photoshop needed to create awesome looking Fanpage Headers. Use our online software and get started today.

Sales page:

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