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Copy My Dead Simple CPA Method

I Use to Drive Traffic and Conversions

in Any Niche

I am going to teach you inside this training the exact steps I use to combine the massive potential of CPA marketing with email marketing and my drop dead simple keyword traffic methods.

Once you learn to use small investments to test, and optimize your campaigns and then scale up when appropriate, building your list will take on a whole new light. Traffic and conversions on demand.

Inside my step by step training I am taking away all the fear of setting up wasteful campaigns.

Let me show you how to choose an offer, target the right keywords and then find super targeted traffic and buyers that bring hands off conversions.

Here’s what you will learn:

* What are the most lucrative and most helpful Networks
* How to properly approach the CPA application process
* How to increase your approval rate
* How to perform keyword searches
* How to set up an ad campaign using Bing for an offer
* Much more!

Inside are PROVEN methods to sharpen your skills while making money optimizing CPA Offers. Let me show you exactly what is inside this training…

Module 1: Introduction

Here I lay out my plan of attack for you and walk you through the simple step by step method we are using.

Module 2: Mining for the Gold

Module 2 walks you through some of the networks on offer sites to get familiar with the categories of offers to choose from, and things to consider depending on your campaign niche.

Modules 3 and 4: Laying the Foundation

Perfect module for beginners and more advanced CPA marketers will pick up a few tips as well. I’ll show you my favorite networks out of hundreds that I’ll walk you through the sign up and approval process.

Then we will go more in depth and discuss my ninja relationship building to get higher payouts and inside info on hot offers.

Module 5: Attacking the Offer

Using free tools only, I show you how to properly set yourself up for ultimate success in the most important module of the report.

Module 6: Getting Eyeballs on Your Offer

Anyone can choose an offer from a list but this is what separates yourself from the competition and allows you to scale up every single week.

Module 7: For Buyers Only

Once you have started to attack your chosen offers with eyeballs, time will really dial it in. Too much over complicated and overwhelming information in this area but I’ve broken it down step by step so you can immediately zig and zag and maximize your efforts. Buyers will see all!

Module 8: Conclusion

I walk you back over the simple step by step instructions once again to make sure you didn’t miss anything and will be on your way to reaching your CPA goals.

The hardest part of being successful in this industry is knowing what to spend your time learning. The course sticks to the processes of watching the numbers looking for developed opportunities to scale.

Stop running in circles and settle in to learning a specific traffic method. That is how you win in this industry.

Focus on building an automated email collection machine, once that process is understood, the next process is learning to drive traffic without going broke. That is done through gained experience from yourself and those around you.

I hope you put this course to practice and start looking at how to change up some dead campaigns.

Get the value knowing all the hype is cut out of the way and now you have the peace of mind knowing you are learning a very important skill set to your online success.

It makes it a little easier to sleep at night knowing you have someone that sees the importance of removing the noise and hype while helping to focus on skills that will add up to success.

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