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About Ron Douglas

New York Times Best Selling Author Ron Douglas is a 14-year Internet Marketing veteran who used his list building expertise to build a huge audience of over 250k active subscribers in evergreen niches such as cooking.

His large following online led to appearances on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, NBC News, Home Shopping Network as well as a million dollar book deal with NY City publishing powerhouse Simon & Schuster.

As of today, Ron has sold over 1.4 million books and ebooks and has helped thousands of others learn how to build an audience and sell their knowledge as infoproducts.

About Alice Seba

Since 2002, Content Marketing Expert Alice Seba has helped writers and publishers create the lifestyle freedom they’ve dreamed of, through the power of words.

Having sold millions of dollars in content, she has a list of over 20,000 clients and customers who seek her products and services over and over again.

Specializing in the power of persuasive writing and relationship marketing, Alice is known for helping her customers create loyalty and positive word of mouth for their businesses.

Hundreds of people have already got their ticket and it makes
perfect sense. The panel of experts Ron and Alice have assembled
have the knowledge necessary to grow your information product or
book business sky high.

And you get that knowledge without having to pay each one 1000s
or travel anywhere. It’s live and online for 4 days.

The reality of the information marketing business is that you
will succeed much quicker, easier, and to a greater degree when
you can stand on the shoulders of giants.


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