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7 Quick Ways To Outsmart (Rather Than Outspend) Your Amazon Competition
Watch The Video Below To Discover Why
You Don’t Need An A-List Copywriter
To Create Spellbinding Pre-Sells That
Make Your Profits Soar.

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7 Lightning-Fast Ways To Master “The Amazon Pre-Sell”

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day…
Teach him how to fish and he’ll buy a fishing rod, reel, bait and waders from you… and then thank you for it.
This proven “How-To” template doesn’t just boost your authority and sales with minimal effort… it’s so powerful, even people who aren’t looking to buy anything when they arrive at your site will leave with a full cart anyway.

We all want the best, and we all search Google for “top 10 movies”, top rated cameras” or “The best iPhone case”…
And this template gives the people exactly what they want! Not only will you get better conversions, you’ll attract more traffic from comparison-hungry buyers.

Got a niche who are almost ready to buy but you can’t quite get them over the line?
This template is exactly what you need. Not only will it kick them off the fence harder than Ronda Rousey, it’ll make sure they come down on the side of ‘buy’.

A good bargain is practically irresistible… and Amazon is full of bargain shoppers.
This template will help you quickly cash in on people seeking the best discount… and as you know, that’s pretty much everyone.

This is the Hotel California of these templates… an oldie but a goodie!
Multiply the effectiveness of your product reviews and gain a ton of trust from Google, but be warned… if the product you’re selling fails one crucial test, your customers won’t be checking out, and will most certainly leave.

Sometimes a product can appeal to a much wider audience…
When this happens you need to roll out the Combine & Conquer strategy to quickly produce a pre-sell that will convert 2, 3 may even 4 times as many visitors.
It won’t always work, but when it does your traffic and your commissions will GO LARGE… (PRO TIP: Page 19 of the report tells you exactly how to get these bumps more often—priceless!)

See page 21 to discover the one super-strategy that can be quickly rolled out at anytime to target a super specific—desperate to buy—audience…
Plus, how it’s possible to make more sales in a few-short weeks than you would normally make in months!


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