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Make Money Helping Businesses With Webinars (Full Agency Package)

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One of the best opportunities you have to use the knowledge and skills you’ve learnt online is through helping businesses. In my time online I’ve made over $100,000 helping small and medium size businesses (offline) with many different parts of the business. Webinars is a topic a number of small and medium size businesses are really interested in. You can make up to $3000 for setting up a webinar system for a business. On this page you have an opportunity to get ‘Agency Rights’ to sell Run A Webinar to businesses as a service. You’re also going to get a number of tools to help you more effectively sell to these businesses.

Run A Webinar Agency Rights
This upgrade gives you the rights to sell Run A Webinar as a service to businesses. You can run webinars for businesses, coach businesses on using Run A Webinar and use your login to set up Run A Webinar.
Sell This As A Service To Businesses – Businesses want to connect more with their audience. Health stores, website owners, trainers, coaches : they want a way to sell their products online. Webinars can really help to give these businesses a voice and engage their audience selling more product. Webinars can be a great service to sell.
Use Your Account To Run The Webinar – You have the rights to use your account to run the webinar for a business. You can set it up, start the webinar then add them as a presenter.
Run The Webinar Yourself Or Help A Business Owner Run The Webinar – You can have the business run the webinar or get involved yourself selling for a % of the profit.
Hot Service For Coaches & Trainers – This is also a great training service. You can set up webinars for coaches and trainers to more easily help their existing clients all around the world.


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