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What You Get As a ScriptDoll Copy Engine User:

Access to the ScriptDoll Sales Message Engine – Writing Amazing Sales Copy, Emails, VSL Scripts is not an easy task. But What if you could fill out a few fields and then write all of them at the touch of a button? ScriptDoll makes that possible. Writing Sales Messages for your Business will never be the same. You’ll save time and money and your conversion will skyrocket when you use our built in templates.
Portable Profiles – Anytime you create a new customer/product profile it saves to the ScriptDoll system. This information is portable and can be used with any of the templates. This means you can use ScriptDoll to write a Sales Letter and then instantly port that information over to write an email campaign to go with it. All at the touch of a button. This means you can write an infinite amount of sales messages with limited work.
New Templates Added Monthly – You’ll Be Blown away by the Built in templates when you log in, but even more blown away by the additions that we make to the ScriptDoll Sales Message Engine as the months go on. With every Addition the Software gets even more powerful. The best part is that you can save your previous information, and when a new template gets added, you can touch a button and write a new sales message (Sales Letter, VSL, ASL, Email Campaign, and more).
New Profiles Added Monthly – The ScriptDoll Team monitors what is going on in the marketing world and we actually add new customer/product profiles as new products and markets emerge. By doing this we save you even more time. You can “clone” those profiles and edit them to fit your product in the niche. The best part… We Take Request too!
Celebrity Copywriter and Marketer Templates – It pays to be connected. Over the next few months you’ll notice that we’ll be bringing in Sales and Marketing Templates from the World’s Top Marketers. You’ll be able to write copy like your favorite marketer in the touch of a button.

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