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What Niche Spans Both Genders, Ages 20-Senior Citizens, and Is Set to Experience Growth Like We’ve Never Seen Before During the Next Decade?

The Anti Aging Market Is Expected to Rival Weight Loss with an Estimated $191 Billion in Sales Over the Next Three Years – and This Niche Craves BOTH Information and Tangible Product Solutions!

Sales Page:




A Traffic-Pulling Pack of High Quality PLR Content That You’ll Be Proud to Have Representing You

This 40-page pack is all brand new content and includes the following:

5-Page Opt-In Report: “Paying the Price for Aging Ignorance”

This 5-page, 2,234-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

– Stop Dieting to Look Younger
– Exercise for a Younger Mind and Body
– Mindless Aging
– Staying Young Is a Learning Process

5-Part Email Series:

– Making Plans to Reduce Stress and Increase Personal Satisfaction – 426 words
– Making Plans to Take Care of Your Physical Body – 413 words
– Making Plans to Nourish Your Skin – 442 words
– Making Plans to Take Care of Your State of Mind – 401 words
– Making Plans to Improve Sleep as You Age – 409 words

20 One-Page Articles:

– 5 Things That Take a Toll on Your Skin – 420 words
– Why Some People Look Years Older Than They Really Are – 441 words
– Be Open to Altering Your Skincare Regimen as You Age – 425 words
– Beauty Tips Are Not One Size Fits All – 434 words
– Probiotics Help You Look and Feel Younger – 410 words
– Anti Aging Supplements That Have Science Backing Them Up – 416 words
– B Vitamins That Boost Your Body’s Ability to Fight Aging – 458 words
– How to Gain Energy and Lose Weight as You Age – 416 words
– How to Stay Stress-Free as You Get Older – 424 words
– The Key to Happiness and Preventing Premature Aging – 451 words
– Socialization and Isolation Issues as You Age – 424 words
– Why Many Seniors Crave a Career After Retirement – 417 words
– How Exercising Your Brain Can Stave Off Memory Loss – 436 words
– Dementia Versus Alzheimer’s: How Big Is Your Risk? – 408 words
– Seven Superfoods That Serve Up a Healthy Brain Boost – 433 words

5 Lifestyle Factors That Contribute to a Decline in Brain Function – 487 words
– The Myth About Needing Less Sleep as You Age – 416 words
– How to Combat Insomnia as You Get Older – 430 words
– Taking Advantage of Naps to Increase Your Overall Sleep Stores – 463 words
– Are the Changes in Your Sleep Pattern Caused By Aging? – 420 words

10 One-Page Product Reviews:

– Anti Aging Kit – 409 words
– Anti Aging Cream with Retinol – 413 words
– Anti Aging Serum – 409 words
– Anti Aging Hyaluronic Acid – 419 words
– Anti Aging Acne Skin Care – 401 words
– Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Serum – 410 words
– Anti Aging Vitamin C Serum – 417 words
– Anti Aging Daily Moisturizer – 413 words
– Anti Aging Night Cream – 408 words
– Anti Aging Eye Cream – 416 words


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