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Let’s face it, ok?

There is a REASON why marketers FAIL miserably on building their businesses online.

-> They purchase $5 products that don’t work.
-> They love the idea of a 7-page PDF that get them nowhere.
-> They blame their failures on others instead of taking responsibility for themselves.
-> They complain on things that are NOT helping to get to where they want to be.
-> They blame their failures on ….. (Fill in the blank!)

Not only are they UNTRUE, but that “blame game” mentality also has to stop for good. WHY? We can blame our failures on the economy, the star or even the moon. In reality, we are the ONES who are responsible for our own future. As you focus on failure after failure, let me share with you exactly how much I have made from JVZoo…

As you can see above, those results were from my JVZoo account. In fact, you can even contact JVZoo support or E Brian Rose to verify whether the results are accurate or not. 🙂

My point of showing you the results are NOT to brag me being a successful marketer. Instead, I want you to realize that it is more than possible for you to build a successful business online especially WHEN you have the right step-by-step guidances from marketers who have made it big online.

This is the reason WHY when Tammy and I headed to JVZoo Marketing Mayhem in San Diego, we were NOT there just to have fun, but we went there so we could carefully observe marketers who are already successful. We contacted them one-by-one. We scheduled the GRILLING sessions. We put them in tough spots. Basically, we asked those questions that allow you to take your business virally to the next level.

You can even see that some of the marketers were “sweating” as we asked uncomfortable questions. You can even say that “We made them feel naked” on the interview. This is exactly what we have done to make sure you get the most nuggets out of each interview. This allows you to work less, make more, and enjoy the lifestyle you have been aiming for in your business. This is also the reason why we have decided to introduce…

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