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The BRAND NEW Formula for Turning Millions of Clicks Into Sales Systematically Every Single Year
…This Is The EXACT Blueprint I’m Using Right Now To Grab 142,296 Leads, $594,848 in Revenue, and $438,276 In Profits ALL With Cold Traffic This Past Year and a Half..

You will learn all these optimizations that make Cold Traffic Profitable:

The In-Bound Call “BONUS” Method that helps Customers Stick Longer, plus let’s you Upsell them while they Thank You for It
How to build a 100,000+ Person Mailing List and Not Pay a SINGLE Penny For it (This is worth 100x the price of admission alone.)
One Little Graphic that I added that bumped up conversions by 30% (It’s so simple, you’ve gotta see it… and You Will!)
Tests that I’ve done that have Doubled and Tripled My Revenue Per Person (This alone is worth the price of Admission)
Exactly How to Sell $8,000 – $25,000 Packages to your Customers Through a 3 Step Application Process
How to Structure Your Upsells For Maximum EPC’s and Recurring Profits. (This will make or break you online)
The #1 objective when you have your Sales Funnel setup. As soon as you start thinking like this, you will change your Marketing INSTANTLY!
How to avoid getting your Merchant Accounts shut down or getting Kicked Out of Infusionsoft (It’s a never-ending Nightmare if this happens to you.)

You will get Open Access My Personal files, with Info like:

The Main Company That I buy 90% of my quality traffic from. (This traffic source helped me build my Million Dollar Business. It has the power to do the same for you.)

The Kick-Ass Software that I use to track every Every Single Conversion in my funnel, including what upsell they took, what Traffic Source they came from, Revenue Per Person and SO MUCH MORE!

How I scooped up an extra 10% from failed credit card receivables. (I learned this trick from a young, low-profile marketer that is KILLING it online.)

How to Hire Commission Only SalesPeople for your own company, and do it right (took me 6 months to finally figure it out Completely!

How to properly put together a Sliding Commission Scale so your SalesPeople stay motivated, hit bigger numbers, and everyone stays happy!

How to Look at the power of “Scale” and where your best efforts should be put forth (the Difference between 6 Figure earners and 8 Figure guys)


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