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Get Up To 566 Potential Book Buyers To Your Facebook Fan Page In One Week…
… And You Don’t Even Have To Spend
A Dime On Ads!
“How To Quickly Build A Fan Base On Facebook With Zero $ Spent On Ads!”
[Watch This Video Right NOW!]

If that’s the first thought that pops into your mind when I share my incredible results, then I should assume the following:

* You’re rolling in Kindle money

* You have several thousands of potential readers on your Facebook fan page​

* You have several thousands of potential readers on your mailing list​

* You have thousands of dollars every month to through at Facebook ads

* You’re not interested in discovering a simple strategy that you can be 100% outsourced and that can become a game changer for your publishing business

* You don’t mind reading about EVERY ONE else’s success except for your own​

If you’re still struggling and not seeing the results you know you deserve, but you’re not yet able or willing to spend money of Facebook ads…

If You’re Still Reading, You Must Be Wondering
“How In The World Can She Pull This Off
in ONLY 5 minutes/day?”

First off, you should know this is NOT a hack, a grey hat or a black hat strategy that will get you banned faster than you can say “Kindle”.


I’ve IMPROVED UPON a simple marketing strategy that Facebook LOVES-LOVES-LOVES!

Heck, even if you were to do this strategy on your own, it wouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes/day, but again as I’ve said, this book marketing strategy can be 100% outsourced

Here’s the secret sauce about Facebook marketing success:
REMEMBER this as you keep reading this page, there are 2 ways to work Facebook successfully:

1. Buying daily ads

2. Entertaining FB’s massive base of users

Either option will get you major brownie points from Facebook, but only ONE of them requires no upfront cost.

Guess which one I’ve put in motion to increase my notoriety as a fiction author, get more fans, build my database of readers and increase my book sales on my series?

If you guessed option #2, you’re dead on!

I decided to become REALLY good at entertaining FB’s massive base of users.

So let me repeat myself.

With one simple marketing strategy, I’ve been able to add up to 566 NEW Fans to my Facebook page in one week in February (before I started being serious about buying ads) with:​

* ZERO Spent On Ads
* NO Dubious Marketing Strategies
* NO Magic Potions
* NO Trickery

I did it all by sharing images on Facebook that were HIGHLY ENGAGING!

In other words, the images I share on Facebook illicit action among my “friends” and “fans” and motivate them to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE AND SHARE!

The more they SHARE, SHARE, SHARE AND SHARE … the MORE exposure I get and the more ideal readers are likely to find out about me.
Interesting Krizia, But Why Do I Need So Many New Fans To My Facebook Fan Page?
Why Should I Care???​

Good question.

I’ve been honest about being a research geek.

When I take a look at all the bestsellers, I notice they usually have a LOT of Facebook fans.

As my own fan base started growing…I quickly understand why it was so CRITICAL to focus on building that crucial Facebook presence.

The bottom line is my fans are my book buyers.

I know because everyday I get messages on my wall, on my Fan page or private messages from new readers letting me know they just discovered me as an author and they purchased every book I’ve published.

Although, this happens quite frequently to me now, I’m still extremely blown away.

Here’s the other thing, most of these new readers tend to buy each book in the series…which means a lot of these new readers are buying 3, 4 or 5 books in one shot.

The more fans I attract, the MORE books I sell.

Now, here’s another thing…since I now have two full series out (and a third one coming out within one month), new fans tend to devour one series and quickly jump into the other and read that as well.

I can’t tell you the number of fans who want to know if I write under another pen name to be able to get their hands on everything I’ve ever written. IT’S INSANE!

Good news! Neither do I!

I write about one book per ten to fifteen days or so. My books are about 25,000-30,000 words and let me tell you, that’s already a lot of work for me to handle.

When you pile up the marketing and all the other moving parts to making my books available, I simple don’t have any more time in my day.

Let’s face it, it takes time and brain power to write a book, if I have to add more on my plate, I’ll break.

Here’s the great thing…you can OUTSOURCE this strategy fully.

That’s exactly what I did.

I spent a few weeks learning about my readers and which types of images made them react. I wanted to perfect this method enough so I could hand it off ENTIRELY to my assistant.

I gave her very precise video instructions on what to do.

At first, she did exactly what I had asked her to do, but because she practically lives off of Facebook, she’s tweaked what I started and now we hit a bulls’ eye with every new image we share!

Our level of engagement is so insane she can barely keep up.

The beautiful thing here is that she’s 100% responsible for our image marketing strategy.

The ONLY thing I do now is manually share the image in the afternoon because she’s usually sleeping during peek time in North America.

​It takes me a total of about 20 seconds to share an image that will attract a lot of new fans!
Let Me Show You A Few RECENT Results!

I’ve perfected this strategy so well that on a slow week I’m able to average 75-100 new fans to my page and I usually will see up to 200 new fans in one single week adding themselves to
my Facebook Fan Page.

Here are a few VERY popular images we’ve shared this month!

28,816 people reached, 77 likes, 118 shares…and that’s ONLY on my fan page. ***RESULTS FROM A FEW WEEKS AGO***

You know what this means, right??? Yup, MORE POTENTIAL BOOK BUYERS becoming aware of my Facebook Fan Page!

10,376 people reached, 171 likes, 82 shares >>> This image was all over Facebook and on MANY popular Fiction groups, aka MORE POTENTIAL BOOK BUYERS!

5,118 people reached, 38 likes, 19 comments and 22 shares​

Check out this photo got me over 744 “likes” and 43 “shares” >>> MORE POTENTIAL BOOK BUYERS!

Here’s a screenshot of a post I shared on a Saturday that exploded on Facebook:

The post below reached 8,568 people on Facebook and…

I spent ZERO dollars promoting it. It was 100% viral/natural traffic.

Once again, this is one simple post containing an image I shared on a quiet Saturday and I spent ZERO dollars in ad dollars.

Here’s one more! I shared that image on a quiet Sunday and I spent ZERO dollars in ad dollars.

That image, like ALL THE OTHERS, has become a real magnet of new POTENTIAL BOOK BUYERS!

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