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IMAGINE THIS: No Job, No Money
And Two Hungry Kids To Feed…
Yet The First Big Joint Venture
He Did Netted Him $6 Million

Here’s some more of the secrets Jay revealed on the calls…

7 Joint-Venture blueprints you can implement right away even if you’re starting from scratch — spelt out in step-by-step, point-by-point detail (including templates of scripts and letters you can use)
How to create “intangible assets” almost out of thin air, that give you the instant negotiating power and “marketing muscle” to land lucrative JV deals
Why you can often make more money as a middleman or dealmaker for other companies than putting together deals for your own business (if you have one)
A detailed step-by-step roadmap to becoming a successful JV middleman or dealmaker, even if you’re starting from ground zero
If you are an employee, discover how to put together deals for the company you work for, for a fat slice of the profits! (If you’re looking for a way to make enough money so you can fire your boss, this is one of the simplest ways to do it. Or, even if you love your job, you can use this strategy to make more money than the CEO or president of your company!)
Simple ways to overcome the “indimidation factor” of proposing JV deals to the CEO or president of your company (hint: you don’t even have to do it yourself)… and…

Why YOU Actually Hold The
Biggest Stick In The Deal!

How to find and cut quick deals for some fast cash and “bread and butter” income
How to get your foot in the door with the companies you want to Joint-Venture with, if you are a rookie with no credentials and it’s your first JV deal
The most important factors to consider when choosing a business venture to get into (or deciding whether or not to stay in a business)
How Jay got started with nothing to his name, and how you can model his success
The single biggest secret to improving your competency and proficiency at JV deal making
How to avoid the dumb mistakes almost everyone else makes when doing JVs in the beginning — especially the ones that peg you as an amateur
How to create new profit centers and recurring income streams for other businesses… then turn those into assets that you can sell to 3rd parties, or even…

Sell It Back To The Company
You’re Doing It With!

Discover Jay’s street-smart strategies for an immediate cash infusion, if you’re just starting out for the first time
A little-known directory that gives you an endless supply of trade publications that are prime prospects for JV deals
Listen as Jay gives you an avalanche of profitable JV ideas (that you can go out and implement right away) to liberate your mind
A no-brainer way to set up countless Joint-Ventures at tradeshows (with zero out-of-pocket investment)
How to develop an “X-Ray vision” that allows you to…

Seek Out And Detect Hidden Profit
Opportunities That Everyone Else Misses

How to detect “money connections” you can tap into for massive windfall profits
How to legally and ethically profit from companies that are going through bankruptcy (without spending a single red cent)
How to use JVs to make serious dough from practically any business in your local area
How to set up and negotiate deals with experts in any field, so you can profit by leveraging their expertise
How to make a fortune reactivating old customers for other companies
How to “hook up” seemingly unrelated professionals with each other, for a fat slice of the profits while others do all the work (you don’t even need to have a business of your own)
The fastest, easiest and safest way to acquire or start a business with zero out-of-pocket investment and zero risk

But that’s not all. Not by a long shot!

One of the biggest challenges and stumbling blocks for aspiring JV dealmakers is getting other businesses to accept their JV deals. That’s why Jay also devoted a significant portion of time to dissecting…

The Dynamics Of Proposing, Negotiating
And Landing Lucrative Joint Venture Deals

You’ll discover the A-to-Z of securing JV deals with all kinds of businesses, ranging from the “Mom and Pop” operations to Fortune 500 companies, and even landing seemingly impossible deals that everyone else is after. Here’s a small sample of what Jay covered…

The art and science of creating knockout JV proposals — how to craft compelling JV proposals no sane businessperson can refuse
Word-for-word samples of letters, emails, faxes and phone scripts for making the first contact with a potential joint-venture partner, that gets them enthusiastically chasing you down for the privilege of working with you
The shy person’s rejection-free method for Joint Venture success (for people who are uncomfortable about approaching other business owners)
Listen as Jay dictates a word-for-word script for approaching and presenting your first joint-venture in a non-threatening way
How to posture yourself and your deal to make it irresistibly appealing to a prospective partner…

Even If You Have Zero Experience!

How to get past the potential objections to doing a joint venture… such as “it just won’t work”, “we’ve never done this before”, “we’re just not a good fit”, etc.
How to structure your deals, point-by-point for maximum success and income from the deal
The most effective ways to propose JV deals to other business owners
How to negotiate JV deals where you get the lions share of the profits (You’ll discover how to set up these deals with little or no resistance from the other parties involved)
How to negotiate your deal so that everybody feels great about the opportunity AND are naturally compelled to do more than their share to make it successful
The key idea you must convey to your potential JV partner when presenting them with a Joint-Venture proposal (almost everyone misses this important point)
How to make your JV prospects more eager to do business with you than you are with them. This deceptively simple strategy ignites their desire to do a deal and…

It Saves You From Having To
Beat Their Doors Down

How to relieve your potential JV partner’s fears that you might take advantage of them
The key components you need to include when proposing a JV to another business owner
The key mindset you must have in order to create mouth-watering JV proposals… and how to communicate it in a way that gets you deal after deal after deal
The most crucial key ingredient of a successful JV proposal, that almost every “dealmaker wannabe” misses
How to get people to take you and your deal seriously, so that they follow-through instead of sitting on their hands
7 characteristics almost all business owners have in common, and how understanding these characteristics will skyrocket your JV success
How to wipe out a prospective joint venture partners biggest fears and objections to working with you
5 questions and objections you must answer in every JV proposal
How to explain your Joint-Venture ideas in a way that non-marketing-savvy businesspeople can understand. (Most business owners you approach will NOT have your level of marketing expertise. You must be able to explain the deal without confusing them — because the confused mind always says “no”.)
A simple non-intimidating letter agreement you should have before doing any test marketing with your joint-venture partner
The most effective ways of initiating contact with potential JV partners, and following up to seal the deal
How to pinpoint the person in the organization that you should propose your JV to, and…

Why You Often Get Better Results by
NOT Trying to Reach the Highest
Decision Maker in the Organization!

The role of email in setting up JV deals. (Most people do this all WRONG)
What you should always be thinking about when crafting a JV proposal or other related communications
When to reveal all the details in a JV proposal, and when you should withhold the details for a later communication
What you need to prepare before discussing a potential JV deal on the phone
Listen as Jay dictates over a dozen killer phone scripts and JV proposal letters for approaching joint-venture partners in various different scenarios. (If you’re uncomfortable “pitching” a JV proposal on your own, you can simply hand these scripts to a salesperson to pitch the JV deal for you.)
If you’re uncomfortable presenting JV deals to other businesses, Jay even dictates a simple classified ad that you can use to hire salespeople who can present your JV deals to other businesses for you!
How to create compelling JV proposals to get list-owners to endorse your product or service to their customer lists
Secrets of using sequential marketing to land deals with the “big boys”, and get past obstacles such as gatekeepers and “voicemail jail”. (This is one of the major keys to landing the most lucrative deals, where 99% of your competitors would have given up on.)
How to use the “Force Multiplier Effect” to conquer seemingly impossible JV deals
How to structure and negotiate your share of the deal — what percentage commissions to ask for, when and how to ask for upfront payment, commissions on backend sales, and other compensation structures
Most importantly, how to make sure you GET PAID (and get paid on time)

Of course, throughout the teleseminar series Jay illustrated how his strategies work in the real world with…

Detailed Joint-Venture Case Studies
and Success Stories From
Jay Abraham’s Private Files

Now, with over 12,000 documented success stories, there’s no way Jay could have explained every single one of his successes. However, he did pick the success stories that were the most instructive, and covered the widest spectrum of different ways you can profit from Joint-Ventures. Here’s a small sample…

How Jay bagged his first successful JV deal… when he was dead broke and just starting out. (That one deal alone made him over $6 million dollars!)
How Sears created a new billion dollar business using their overlooked and underutilized assets… and how you can use this same principle to set up a never-ending supply of profitable JV deals with retail businesses
How Jay Abraham took a Boston restaurant chain from zero to $3 million dollars, without spending a dime in advertising!
The “N.E.E.R” concept… and… how a down-and-out insurance salesman used this deceptively simple idea to sell over a BILLION dollars worth of insurance, and buy out the company he was working for
A case-study of a client who made millions upon millions of dollars by successfully landing deals with multi-billion dollar companies such as Siemens and NCR
What a lumber mill can teach you about making “found money” from what you’re already doing. (Most people simply don’t realize that there’s an absolute fortune to be made from their everyday activities that they take for granted!)
The embarassingly simple strategy that Jay used to help a client become the biggest seller of accounting practices and CPA firms in California. (This idea can be applied to practically ANY business in ANY market)
A case-study of how Jay made one company over $1,000,000.00 in NET PROFIT in just 6 weeks… using a simple strategy that can be applied to ANY business!

Last but not least, to catapult you to the highest level of Joint-Venture dealmaking expertise, Jay also laid out his arsenal of…

Advanced Secrets for
Joint Venture Mastery

Here’s a small sample…

How to secure deals with businesses in hyper-competitive markets, where hordes of competitors are fighting for the same deals you’re after
How to install yourself in the “toll position”, where you control the deal and can turn off the spigot any time you want or redirect the flow of the deal, so that nobody can screw you out of your rightful commissions
Jay Abraham’s “secret weapon” that he uses to out-achieve everybody else in the competitive space he operates in
The critical distinction between being a JV dealmaker and being a salesperson! (Many people THINK they’re putting together JV deals, when actually they’re just playing the role of a commissioned salesperson… which makes it practically impossible for them to ever get to the big money)
What infomercials can teach you about mastering the art and science of putting together profitable joint ventures
Why Jay often engineers deals where he barely breaks even, or even absorbs a small loss! (The secret is knowing exactly how he quickly parlays these “loser” deals into profits that just keep snowballing over and over)
How to avoid the situation where your JV partner keeps procrastinating and sitting on his hands
How to get control of millions of dollars worth of assets without investing a cent
The single most priceless intangible asset in the world that can pay you handsome and perpetual dividends for life, once you recognize it! You may already be sitting on this asset…

And Even If You Don’t Already Have it,
Jay Teaches You How To Get It

How to harness the fear of loss to create a frenzy of potential JV partners scrambling for the privilege of working with you. (And, why this must be executed carefully and masterfully)
The lost strategy of GIVING, and how it pays you handsome dividends over and over again
4 things every radio and TV station has in common… and how you can use this knowledge as your “ace in the hole” to land JVs with them (that can result in millions of dollars worth of free advertising and publicity)
How to be the person who controls the deal and makes the rules in the JV deal
How to avoid the situation where a dishonest businessperson takes your JV proposal and implements your idea on his own, precluding you from the deal. (And, a savvy way to handle the situation on the rare occasion that it happens.)
The secret of “making the JV partner look superior”, and why this is one of the major keys to landing lucrative deals with huge payoffs
The big mistake most businesses make in their lead-generation marketing… and how to capitalize on this mistake to set up an unlimited supply of lucrative JV deals
How to add twists and slants that turn “dead ends” into insanely profitable deals


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