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Want to Grab more rankings, website traffic and opt-ins than any of your competitors in the next month?

Now You Can – With A One Of A Kind, Powerful Link Boosting Strategy That Will Flood Your Sites With Hoards Of Hungry Buyer Traffic

No matter what you’ve tried before.

No matter what rankings you have right now.

Get rapid rankings for choice money keywords you never thought you could get before.

Sail past your competitors in the SERPS, stealing their traffic and sales along the way.

Ramp up your sales and opt-in figures overnight.

Stay under the radar from Google and build yourself a long term, secure online income.

Save time and money by Ultra boosting your links and getting super fast rankings using high quality backlinking software.

Here’s why ‘Link Boostology’ is the answer to
higher rankings and more sales…

Supreme Authority

Strategic linking can get you ranked.

Staying power

That backlink can maintain your position for years to come.

Boosted Ultra Links

All your wasted links are recovered and re-generated with new links for highly effective SEO.

More Google love

as you ultra boost and recycle your links and your link profile.

Higher rankings

as you can drip feed your recycled inbound links.

Boost your sales

with higher rankings come more traffic and more sales.

Trusted Links are Created

You create links that Google loves.

No spam or private IP’s

I do NOT create any spam links. All links come from several different platforms for link diversity as well as authority sites.

Builds Website trust

using trusted link technologies and link recycling. So NO high link velocity ratio’s that would trigger google filters. So very safe.


The software schedules and recycles links and uses several technologies to ‘ultra boost’ those links and recover the 80% wasted SEO on your site. The speed and variety of boosting combined with link creation is the key.

And it is all so simple to setup and run that my young 9 year old daughter was able to setup the whole process for her own ‘first school blog’ and got tremendous results in a matter of weeks – and all on auto pilot.

Link Alchemist blows its competitors out
of the water… because…

All link drip feeding is randomized through each platform

Google actually likes this type
of linking

Long term drip feeding is built in with link recycling

You actually recover links using the software

Everything is setup in under
2 minutes

Quality proven links + diverse platforms used

The 80% of previous efforts can be reclaimed

Beta testers saw ranking changes in 5-7 days of using the software

The platforms and sites in the software are not made public so will not be hit by future Google updates

The Link Alchemist software includes
the following features:

All link technologies and platforms

Drip feeding scheduler

Link recycling option

Flexible scheduling options up to 364 days on auto pilot

Keyword / phrase rotation

Description spinning if required

URL list randomization to further enhance drip linking

+ more

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