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Check Out How One Email, Coupled With A Secret Powerful Follow Up System Drops Responses Like These Into Our Inbox Every Single Day…

What Impact Would This Have On Your Offline Business If You Received Replies Like This Every Single Day?

Hi Offliner,

Jamie Garside and David Chamberlain here and in just a moment we are about to open the doors on a secret, extremely powerful email system that has allowed us to generate over $65,927.67 in sales alone in the past 30 days…

Let me ask you really quickly…

Do You Find It Hard to Get Local Clients?

Are You Having Trouble Getting Business Owners To Actually Listen To You, And Be Interested In Buying Your Services?

If so, you have just stumbled across the most valuable offline lead system you have ever come across.

With the power of just ONE EMAIL and a simple, yet extremely powerful system we like to call the G.A.P.P technique (more in a moment), we are about to show you how to have your email inbox “PINGING” every single day with businesses asking for help!
In The Past 12 Months Alone We Sent Over 50,000 Prospecting Emails To Find The One System To END ALL Prospecting Systems…

Right now, you are probably thinking that this is too good to be true, and this is like all other secret prospecting systems that say they can help you, but materialize into theory, no responses at all and BS.
Well, this is different, way different, in fact there are 30,000 reasons this is different.

A little over 12 months ago we set out to dominate lead generation via email in our mobile offline business.

We wanted to be able to send an email to any business right now, and get a response, leading to a PAYING client, without having to cold call or do any of the stuff we really hate doing!

We wanted to create an email prospecting system that a virtual assistant on $2-3 an hour could run for us all day long, dropping enquiries into our inbox every single day!

Essentially meaning, we don’t have to cold call or do any of that really hard stuff, and only deal with businesses that really want to speak with us.
In the last 12 months we have sent over 50,000 emails to find the perfect approach…

We tried, trialed and tested 18 different email approaches…

And 14 different follow up sequences…

All with one aim in mind, finding an email prospecting system that worked every single time we ran it.

Through This “INSANITY STYLE TESTING” And Many Sleepless Nights…

We UNCOVERED The Email Prospecting System To END ALL OTHERS!

Through an entire year of testing, and trialing multiple different emails and follow up systems, we have landed on the EMAIL PROSPECTING SYSTEM to END ALL OTHERS, which has, in the past 30 days alone, generated $65,927.67 in sales for us!


This system is so powerful; we only run it on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, so as to leave the rest of the week to work through all of the responses and businesses wanting to speak with us.

So, Why Was This Approach Different?

It Is All About The G.A.P.P Technique!

This particular system and approach focuses on what we like to call the “G.A.P.P Technique, which we stumbled across, in the mid part of last year.

This was created from multiple different prospecting emails we had written that not only GRABBED the ATTENTION of any local business owner almost immediately, but also provoked them (in a powerful way) into responding instantly.

We were blown away when we saw the first results of the G.A.P.P technique in action.
Why Is This “Technique” So Effective?

Because nobody else is doing it like this as nobody knows how. Today however, we are about to let this G.A.P.P secret out.
How Would Your Offline Business Change Right Now If You Woke Up To Email Replies From Business Owners Asking For Help Every Day?

In just a moment, we are going to hand you the opportunity to see inside our email prospecting machine and the system to end all others.

We are going to save you the time, trouble and rejection of testing and hitting brick wall after brick wall trying to find the perfect email that can actually produce paying clients…

And instead, hand you ours, which in the last 30 days resulted in over $65,000+ in sales!

If you want to discover how you can use the power of email to get paying clients for any offline service you offer…

And how you can drop enquiries into your inbox whenever you wish, by simply turning on the “PROSPECTING TAP”…

This is about to blow you away!

What Is Local Email Takeover?

Well, if you are anything like us, you hate it when you come across a potential business online that you know you can help…

Whether you offer a mobile website, or SEO, or Facebook, or whatever service…

So, you email them, excited at how you can help them, only to get absolutely ZERO response from them!


It is like you just wasted your time sending the email and you move onto the next business, only to get the EXACT SAME ZERO RESULTS!

It is enough to make you want to give up on this whole offline thing.

Sound familiar?

I am sure, reading this page that you have experienced this before, or are actually finding this right now.
We Have Been There TOO!

Believe it or not, we have also been through this, and at the beginning of last year we made a vow that we would find and create a prospecting system that almost FORCED businesses to respond asking for help…

We Became INSANE Email Prospecting SCIENTISTS!

We decided to turn ourselves into INSANE email prospecting SCIENTISTS and finally once and for all find an email prospecting system that worked…

An email prospecting system that could be used for any service we wanted to offer, and each time we ran it, produced the same results like clockwork…AN INBOX OF REPLIES AND INQUIRES!
Local Email Takeover Was Born!

In the past 12 months we sent over 50,000 emails to local businesses all over the world, had a team of VAs working like mad men and women testing multiple email strategies and approaches for us…

And implemented a whole army of intricate follow up systems…

All with one thing in mind, constructing and finding an email approach and prospecting system that grabs the IMMEDIATE ATTENTION of any business owner you approach with it…

And more importantly, have them replying almost BEGGING FOR HELP!

Towards the end of the year, we found it and stumbled across the PERFECT PROSPECTING system we know call our “Local Email Takeover” strategy that is so powerful, we only run it at the start of each week so we have enough time to deal with the responses.

This was based around what we have dubbed the G.A.P.P technique that focuses on grabbing the attention of any business owner immediately, and forces them to want to find out how you can help them!

All from the POWER of ONE EMAIL!
$65,927.67 In Offline Sales In The Last 30 Days From One Email!

It is that POWERFUL!
Today, We Are About To Give You The Opportunity To Do The Same!
Just Follow Our PROVEN STEP BY STEP Approach!

Local Email Takeover is a STEP-by-STEP email prospecting approach that if followed to the tee, will produce more enquiries from local businesses than you can handle.

We have done all of the work for you!

We have spent 12 months testing and trialing every angle we could take when it comes to email prospecting…and found the most SUCCESSFUL approach we have ever come across within our business!

You don’t have to send 50,000 emails like us to try and find something that works…

You don’t have to hit your head against a brick wall trying to get offline clients…

And you don’thave to deal with the REJECTION of ZERO RESPONSES ever again…

Because today, with Local Email Takeover we are about to show you STEP BY STEP, exactly what we do within our email prospecting machine to generate multiple 5 figure monthly pay days offline!

If you are struggling right now to get clients consistently, and you want to see how you can do it with the power of only ONE EMAIL, and the ultimate FOLLOW UP system…

This is for you!

Welcome To Local Email Takeover

Local Email Takeover is an “OVER THE SHOULDER STEP BY STEP” ideo training course that walks you through the email prospecting system we have uncovered one part at a time.

This includes everything, including the exact emails we send, how we target the perfect prospects for best results, and above all, how we follow up with them too…

We have made in ALMOST TOO EASY for you to DOMINATE any local area when it comes to client generation!

The EXACT Email Prospecting System That Dropped A Cool $65,927.67 In Offline Sales Into Our Bank Account In 30 Days!
What The G.A.P.P Technique Is And How You Can Use It To Generate An Inbox Of Hungry Businesses Needing Help Within Hours!
A System That Works In Any Country, Any Local Area And With Every Single Business Niche Without Fail!
The 3 Step Strategy We Take That Allows Us To Contact The Owner Of Any Business Via Email, Bypassing Gatekeepers Like They Don’t Even EXIST!
The Subject Lines That Force Business Owners To Prioritize, Open And Read Your Emails Before Anything Else In Their Inbox!
The 7 Point Email Writing Strategies That Grabs The IMMEDIATE ATTENTION of Any Local Business Owner And Provokes A Response Almost Instantly!
The Exact Email That Has Resulted In Response Rates As High As 30% On The First Email Sent!
How To Track Your Leads Properly To Squeeze Every Last Drop Of Revenue From Your Email Prospecting!
The Triple Threat Follow Up Strategy That Turns “No Responses” Into Business Owners Begging For Help!
And So Much More…

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