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Golden Opportunity To Cash in on Google’s
Mobile Friendly Update!

Watch This Crucial Video

Starting April 21, Google will give preference to mobile-friendly websites in search results.
61% of mobile users will immediately leave a website that isn’t mobile friendly.
70% of mobile searches that land on an optimized mobile website result in a purchase, a signup or other positive action in the near future.

The Google Mice Update:
Google will KILL Rankings for Non-Mobile-Friendly Sites

61% of mobile users will immediately leave a website that isn’t mobile friendly, according to Google.
The trends are upward! Google and others who follow the Stats confirm it.
Every month more and more searches are being made with hand-held devices.
Smart phones now account for more searches than PC’s and laptops! And the gap is growing daily!
Today, businesses that don’t have mobile websites are losing millions of dollars in sales to competitors who understand the trend and have “gone mobile” to reach their target market
70% of mobile searches that land on an optimized mobile website result in a purchase, a signup or other positive action in the near future.

Local Businesses Are In High Need of Mobile-Friendly Websites, NOW!
The Market Is Full of Hungry Buyers… and Wide Open!
“How Can I Quickly Convince Local Business Owners That They Need A Mobile Website?”

Here’s how wealthy sales pros close sales fast:

They know that people buy based on feelings and emotion .. not reason and logic.
Prospects try to avoid pain and loss… They seek pleasure and profit…
So show them how to avoid the pain of lost sales, by getting a mobile-ready website!
When your prospect sees, imagines, visualizes himself or herself filling a need, using, enjoying and profiting with your product…
Then closing the sale is fast and easy.
When your prospect SEES the value and the benefits, then you don’t NEED to do any more selling… Just take their order!! 😉
The auto salesman takes you for a test drive so you can experience for yourself how you would feel owning and driving that car … and that makes you want to buy that car .. NOW
Food vendors hand out free samples … which make you hungry for more, NOW!

The biggest struggle in selling mobile marketing services today is trying to get a business owner’s attention and educate them about their “broken website”
on a mobile device…

What is the Biggest Reason You Are Not Closing Deals Today?…TRUST!
The Ultimate Sales Tool Kit That Instantly Grabs
The Attention of Local Business Owners
and Converts Prospects to Cash Sales in Minutes

You Sell Like a Pro!

Mobile Marketing Agency WordPress Theme establishes instantly credibility with business owner.
Step-by-Step Over the Shoulder Video-based Training in video and PDF, Ideal for Local Marketers
Live Q and A Webinar Training
Done For You Sales Presentation for Live Talks or Webinars with Video how-to training
Private Label Rights (PLR) Customizable “Is Your Business Website Mobile Friendly?” Report with support materials directly from Google and other valuable resources
High Converting Professional Done For You Written Emails
Hot Email Subject Lines
Customizable PLR Document: Why A Business Needs A Mobile Website
Proven “Snail” Mail Strategy – 12 Word Letter to Get Calls Immediately (so hot, I had to quit doing this because I couldn’t keep up with the appointments)
News articles, screen shots, other vital information to support your case and credibility for going mobile. Customize for your sales giveaways.

…a Complete Done For You Mobile Marketing Package!

You get a Done For You sales presentation!
With support materials! With Mobile Wizard Marketing Theme!

Use it to do live demos.
Use it to present to groups, either via webinars or live or via a chat type system.
Send to your existing clients, people for whom you have been doing other services.
Get in front of local businesses via Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, BNI, etc.
Send out press releases with a call to action to help people find out if their setup is mobile friendly or not.
Make post card mailers show the difference.
Manually do screen shots, etc.
Snail mail campaign.

How Do You Benefit?


Propel your sales conversations from a “maybe some day” to an immediate reality… by showing their current website in a mobile simulator and make it clear that they lose business to their competitors who do have an mobile optimized website!
Imagine how you’ll feel when you see $100’s or $1,000’s more deposited into your PayPal or bank account each and every month… while spending as little as 10 hours a week doing the “real work” of building websites!
Plus, you’ll be able to build a substantial recurring revenue base! You do this by providing website hosting, management and other services. Services that every local business owner needs and doesn’t have time or know-how to do himself.
Enjoy helping local businesses and make money at the same time

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