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Discover The Power Of A Unique Viral Blog To Build Your List On Full Autopilot And Get A High Converting Follow Up On Top!

Dear Warriors,

You’re about to discover the most amazing concept you’ll ever come across.

For months I have been working on the perfect win-win-win concept ever created on my blog JensSteyaert.com, and now it’s ready so you can benefit from it too.

I highly suggest you read this page completely, and I’m convinced you’ll be totally amazed!

The concept works like this:

You’ll be able to put a high quality blog post on my blog
I’ve created a blog revenue sharing concept to make each blog post go viral
You’re blog post gets tons of traffic and YOUR list is built from that blog post forever
A high converting follow up is sent out to make you sales and grow the concept exponentially

This is not something I came up with overnight. For months now I have been contemplating to create the perfect concept, discussing in my Facebook group and rest assured, there’s nothing similar out there and amazing results are guaranteed!

Get Subscribers – Build Your List On My Blog

The last month I’ve added 1000+ subscribers to my list from just 7 blog posts! Now you’ll get the chance to build your own list on my blog.

Your post will be completely optimized for email conversions and subscribers will get added to YOUR list.

You’ll get:

A personalized widget in the sidebar
An exit popup to capture leads who leave the page
An attention bar inside the blog post

I’ve been split-testing this a lot the past month to maximize conversions and have had amazing results. While other blogs convert at about 1%, I’ve been getting a consistent conversion rate of 5-10%!

One day I got 31 opt-ins from a single blog post!

A blog post on my blog will get you subscribers forever! And that’s not all, these subscribers are highly responsive too.


Because they know you already when they sign up!

Building your list with a squeeze page is pointless if you’re just starting out and nobody knows you. People are subscribed to tons of lists and will never buy from you if you don’t win their trust.

That’s the ugly truth, and my amazing concept will solve this issue once and for all!

The Blog Revenue Share – Tons Of Viral Traffic On Demand

Have you ever read one of those income reports from other bloggers? Blogs are a great source to generate a lot of cash!

Instead of keeping it all to myself, I actually share the revenue with all of my members!

Yes that’s right, I’ve created a revenue sharing system based on points. Each point is a share in the monthly blog revenue, and members get paid straight to their Paypal account.

More points = More cash, it’s that simple…

So how will this help to make your blog post go viral?

People can share YOUR post on social media or use a unique referral link to unlock 50 points. I tested this and got 95 visitors in 1 minute simply by clicking a couple of social media buttons, check this:

Once people send 10 unique visitors, the content will become visible and they will earn 50 points for the blog revenue share earning them more money at the end of the month.

Now imagine 100’s of members sending 10+ visitors to YOUR blog post using social media!

Tons of viral traffic + High conversions = A list building machine

You start to see the power?

Tons Of Engagement On Your Blog Post

Members can also earn points for the blog revenue share by adding valuable comments on your blog post.

So you’ll never have to fear that your post will only get a couple of comments.

Tons of viral traffic sent to your post which has tons of traffic means instant authority which will result in more sales from your follow up.

The Follow Up – The Ultimate Growth Hacking System

As your list gets built from your blog post, an automated follow up is sent out promoting the blog revenue sharing concept and this very offer earning you 50% commissions per sale without having to lift a finger!

While you build your list on my blog and promote the offer, every sale you make will help to make you even more sales!

More Sales = More Members
More Sales = More Social Shares
More Sales = More Organic Traffic
More Sales = More Subscribers
More Sales = More Conversions

This concept will grow exponentially as more people join. It’s a self-replicating system, and the sky is the limit, seriously.

Now it’s your chance to become part of the most exciting concept ever developed by getting your very own viral blog post!

Your post will stay on the blog forever, and enable you to get tons of subscribers on full autopilot to help you build a long-term sustainable business.

So get started today by choosing a package below, and I’m convinced it will be the best investment you’ll ever make.
Every package includes the following:

High quality viral blog post(s)
Build your list on your blog post(s) – fully optimized
Subscribers Guarantee
Your own squeeze page
Complete done-for-you funnel – become an affiliate
100’s of instant shares on social media – Go Viral!
Promotion by blog members
Email sent to my list
Evergreen organic traffic
Become part of the mastermind Facebook group
Become part of the blog revenue sharing
Free Autoresponder!

It would take months for you to get this amount of traffic, a highly engaged audience, exposure, subscribers and sales. Instead you can get started today!

Option 1: Post Your Own Blog Post Packages

If you want to create your own blog post, then you can choose one of the packages below. Please note that you’ll need to provide a high quality blog post (1000+ words) in order for it to be approved. This will increase the viral traffic, conversions and overall results.

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