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Powerful New Web App Rips Untapped Niches
Wide Open, So You Can Crush The Competition…
… In Just Four Simple Steps

Complete, in-depth analysis of Google’s ranking algorithm!
Complete Keyword & Niche Research – focus on only the high-traffic/low competition keywords that will deliver laser-targeted traffic to your sites!
Gauge, reverse engineer and then out-rank your competition with powerful analysis – in just a few easy steps!
Browser-based software – nothing to install, runs on any platform – Windows, Mac or Linux – Even on Android and IOS mobile devices!

Best of all, this system will work on
any keyword and… in any niche!
Why Do Top Marketers Choose NicheGenetics?
Easy To Use

Our intuitive, easy-to-navigate design will make you an expert in no time.
Keyword Discovery

Let our advanced keyword analysis help you discover new opportunities to increase sales and profits – quickly and effortlessly!
Reverse Rank Technology

Now you can reverse engineer what your competitors are doing to rank on Google in a matter of minutes – without breaking a sweat!
Easy Keyword
Difficulty Meter

You will know exactly how easy/difficult ranking for specific keywords will be, before doing a thing! (This feature alone will save you COUNTLESS hours of wasted time and/or SEO expense!)
Increase Traffic
Faster Than Ever Before

The more keywords you rank for, the more visitors you will get. That means more customers, more sales and… more money!
Simply put..
NicheGenetics can turn anyone into a Google ranking expert!
Just Check Out The Demo Below!

These Simple Steps Of Keyword Research
Will Always Net You The Best Results
Step 1

Identify the best high search volume, low competition buyer keywords
Step 2

Reverse-engineer the top-ranking sites to find out why they are doing so well for those keywords
Step 3

Based on the data you gather… optimize your sites and dominate your niche for those keywords

Sales page:

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