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“Highly effective, yet so simple even a 5 year old could use it”
Discover The SEO Plugin That Drives Your Site To The Top Of Google Giving You More Traffic And Sales Without Doing Any Extra Work

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This plugin is ideal for almost every online business model:

Affiliate (Amazon, Clickbank, JVZoo, W+…) and CPA marketers, as you will be increasing the hops from your site to these offers, and thus earning more commissions.

AdSense and other ad publishers, as people will view more content in your site, and so be more likely to end up clicking on an ad.

Product creators, as you will easily be directing users to your main sales pages, increasing the chances of anyone buying.

SEO agencies and “Local business” marketers, as you will quickly be able to increase your clients’ metrics, gainig reputation, improving your brand’s image, and securing more profitable and longer term contracts.

In general, anyone that can profit from gettint more traffic, views and opt-ins, as you will easily and quickly be enjoying the benefits of higher positions in the search engines, and people staying longer on your site.

Here are all the benefits you will enjoy after you invest in No Sweat WP Internal Links today

Make the most out of every ounce of linkjuice that you drive to your site, making each backlink several times more valuable as you spread that linkjice throughout the site.

Be Penguin-safe, and choose the specific anchor text you want to use to link to each post. You can vary it as much as you want, and edit it later if you feel like it!

Keep users longer in your site by choosing a compelling introductory text that will be placed before the links to encourage your visitors to read more, like “If you want to know more about X, visit…”

Customize that introductory text for each structure or even each link if you so wish, for minimal footprint in the Search Engines, that will continue to love your site’s structure and reward you for it.

Place the links at the top or the bottom of your posts, or anywhere you want using a shortcode. Thus, they are high valued in-content links that carry more weight. And you can dynamically change their placement later, if you want!

Have your posts and pages point to a single URL, or to one another, creating hubs, rings, stars… 4 different types of structures, and It can be done in less than one minute!

Huge time-saving! Conveniently access all existing structures, and review them or edit them. Never again forget what post links to what others, never again have to edit each of your existing links manually!

Make use of our support for Custom Post Types, like WooCommerce products, so that you can link not only posts or pages, but any content type you have created in your site.

Enjoy the ability to select the taxonomies used to fill in the dropdowns with the elements you can use create structures, to avoid clutter and distractions.

Lifetime support and continuous enhancements for better performance and usability, compatibility with new WordPress versions, … Yes, we do maintain the plugin, and are here for the long-run; this is not on of those ‘sell and forget’ gimmicks we unfortunately see from time to time.

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