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How to Quickly And Easily Skyrocket Your High Paying Lead Opt-ins… (Across Multiple Niches) …Using A Proven Advanced Multimedia Marketing “Swiss knife”… That Both Seasoned Offline Marketers And Raw Newbies Can Start Profiting From Today

Take advantage of the months of pinpoint “behind closed doors” research that I did to create your own online video empire. (You’ll be laughing as your competition nosily wonder how the hell you did it – they may even ask you to help them just to prove it’s really YOU who’s doing it – and not some marketing genius you’re paying).
Look way more professional than a “one man at his kitchen table” operation (The way you present yourself to your potential customer is vital, if you want their custom – The impeccable quality of these videos {and graphics} will instantly brand you as a “Highly Professional” individual who will provide them with the highest quality service to match what they’ve just seen).
Position yourself as an authority in your field (This is HUGE! If you come across as the experienced expert you are 74% times more likely to get the deal – as people will view you as having the knowledge and experience to market their businesses to the max).
Use the amazing “story telling info-graphics” to lure your high paying leads in like hungry dogs at a 5 star restaurant (The power of storytelling has been around since the dawn of time and it’s no secret that we’re hard wired to listen and respond to them – These amazing info graphics are designed to grab the customer by the eyeballs and pull them in like hungry dogs to your opt-in page).
Sell these products as your own to other marketers (If you’re one of the first – You can Gain the prestige and authority in your niche as the vendor of these highly sought after marketing tools which will help marketers to leave the treadmill of the PPC hell for ever).
Engage clients and compel them to buy by drawing them in with the amazing whiteboard style cartoons (These professionally designed cartoons are designed to capture your future leads’ imaginations and “connect” with them on a deep emotional level – meaning you can rest assured they’ll be hungry for your services once they’ve cast an eye on them).
Use the incredible Pulling Power of “Proven to sell” cartoon comic strips to instantly capture the attention of your prospective customers (and draw them in like invisible magnets to your opt-in form {Hell they’ll be so engaged they will have opted in before they’ve even realized).
Instantly stand out from the “Me Too” marketers — Using these brand new unique graphics which have never seen before – (Imagine how reassuring it is to have these powerful marketing tools under your belt whilst the others painfully struggle with their old and outdated methods).
Skyrocket your leads and high paying customers using the awesome power of video. (These highly polished mp.4 videos are designed to hit your customers right in the “sweet spot” and give you the confidence to capture that “Quality” lead in an instant – and start profiting immediately).

What exactly do I get inside this Special Offer?

You get over 40 unique whiteboard and animated videos (All designed to the highest standards for YOUR Authority in the marketplace and — if you’re a fast action taker [see below] — you get FULL Resell Rights).

You get 15 engaging story telling infographics and images (Designed to Draw the customer in to a “buying Trance” strait to your opt-in form).
You Get 16 Call To Action end caps videos (These will compel the customer to take the action of YOUR CHOICE once they’ve watched the video – whether that’s an opt-in or to click a link or something else – These are VERY Powerful!! – Use with caution! )
You also get 5 professionally designed cartoon “Character” style scripts (These cartoons are designed to “Tap In” to the customers psyche by connecting with them using humour – a Powerful psychological methods which will lower their “resistance” and have them trusting you within seconds… enough to give that vital opt in)
14 quirky images For local businesses (These are, again, designed to “Enchant” the customer and “Magically” draw them to the opt-in form like sheep to a meadow – and YOUR profits will reflect this).
11 large images (These “Hit You In The Face” images are designed to instantly grab the customers attention so that YOU can benefit from the resulting opt-in once they’ve been “Guided” in with these super powerful pictures).

All these products are in convenient .MP4, Jpeg, or .png format (so that you can start uploading them… and profiting from them instantly).

These are just a few of the niches that Offline Niche Onslaught covers:

Auto service
Real Estate
Hair Salon
Window Cleaner
Nursing Home
Wedding planner
Computer repair
Internet Marketer

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