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Want to Make Money with These Ready-Made Offline Videos?

Local Business Owners Are in Desperate Need of Video on their Websites, Now is Your Chance to Help Them Out!

Hey fellow offline marketer,

I have been selling services to offline business owners for over four years.

From my experience, and something very familiar to you as well, local business owners just don’t get it.

They KNOW how important video is to their websites, yet they continue to leave this critical element off of their brand, their marketing, and their message.



They have no idea how to do it.

Even in an age where we can take excellent quality video with just an iPhone, local business owners have no idea how to edit, add some music, make is look professional, where to host it and how to add it to their website.

As a test, ask any local business owner what an “Embed Code” is.

Ever heard the term….”Deer in Headlights”

That is the look you get when you ask somebody something they have no idea about.

You see, local business owners have no idea how to do this type of service. And that is why they will pay YOU big money to help them out.

We have been making money offering this service and making hundreds of dollars over and over again by simply setting up a YouTube account, grabbing the embed code, and putting it on the clients website.

Do you want the same opportunity?

Then you need to seriously consider picking up our Offline Video Vault.

Take a look at the check I collected from a client who paid me $350 for a video for their website……

What is the Offline Video Vault?

My video professional Chrissy Withers and I teamed up to bring you a special collection of videos.

Chrissy is a professional video editor. She knows exactly what a client wants and needs. She is a master of all the latest editing software applications, and utilizes all of them to bring you a great assortment of videos.

The Offline Video Vault is a set of “Ready-Made” videos that you can use to start selling TODAY to local business owners.

These videos open up a wealth of opportunity for you.

With these videos YOU CAN:

1) You can use these videos as a “Foot in the Door” tactic to upsell them on HIGHER PAYING services.
2) You can integrate videos in a mobile website template and sell them mobile and video
3) You can create a portfolio of videos and sell them individually to local business owners
4) You can add Video Stingers to the end of the videos to add more value and personalize them
5) You can show local businesses how important a personal YouTube Channel is and upload their first video.
The list goes on and on…..
What is Included?
4 Photographic Video Styles
2 Whiteboard Videos
2 Animated Video Styles
Videos Include UK Voice overs
Niches Include: Bankruptcy attorney, Carpet Cleaners, Computer Repair, Electrician, Handyman, Bookkeeping, Auto Repairs and Roofing
Video Lead Gen Template
Easy to Use Lead Gen Template Software
Want to See Some Demo Videos?

How About An Easy Way to Edit Your Lead Gen Template?

We know how difficult it can be to edit an HTML template. All the coding and adding YouTube ID’s, and Autoresponder codes can make you cross-eyed.

So we put together a piece of software that works on Windows, Mac and Linux, as long as you use a decent web-browser, that is NOT Internet Explorer.

Just enter all your details, paste it into the software, and BOOM, you have your Lead Gen Template ready to upload to your server.

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