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Important Note: The demo video above uses characers from Speak Easies #1 that are not included in this Speak Easies Volume #3.

Of course, there’s some other cool stuff you can do with Speak Easies using very simple PowerPoint techniques…I’ll show you how in the included training.

Here’s a quick re-cap of the variety and quality of
your Speak Easies Volume #3.
Remember, there’s an animated “talking” image AND a still image:

PowerPoint Speak Easies Volume #2 are a high-quality collection of animated “talking” characters that you add to your PowerPoint videos so they “talk” to your viewers.

Speak Easies are like having your own army of spokes people at your every whim. Just add a Speak Easy to a PowerPoint slide with your audio voice over and BAM! You have a video that talks to your viewers!

But instead of telling you about what Speak Easies are, it’s better if I show you…

Sales page:

Download link:


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