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Now you too can enter any niche and
Build a list large enough to populate a small country…

create high-performing squeeze
pages in mere seconds…

…all without writing a word of copy, while pushing your conversion rates so high you’d think you were offering free beer.

If you’ve ever wanted a hungry list of subscribers waiting for your every e-mail, or to be able to pay this month’s mortgage just by hitting ‘send’, this web page needs your FULL ATTENTION.

Let me explain…

Hey there,

My name is Jamie Garside, and between me and my partner David Chamberlain we’ve been marketing online for 15 years.

We’ve created lists in dozens – if not hundreds – of niches, and generated well over 6 figures of sales in the last 90 days alone.

Well, this formula perfectly explains it…

Change + Innovation = HIGHER OPTIN RATES

As one tactic becomes old news and reduces in power….new tactics are born. As one tactic becomes BLIND and conversions drop, new tactics and innovation crush it again.

The key is to get in on the ground floor before it becomes saturated and used by everyone.

The real winners are those that adopt early.

Today we are about to show you the list building super tactic for 2015 and how you can adopt this BEFORE ANYONE ELSE ONLINE.

A tactic that you can use to grow an enormous subscriber list of hungry buyers in any market you want.

And does not require you to create a product, pay for design or expensive copywriting to get results.

Before I show you how powerful this tool is. It is important to point out why this is such a “game changer”.

This is about to blow your mind. Let me explain…

We have experienced drops in optin rates, especially recently.

We have also been finding it increasingly harder to build power lists in new markets with the same old “overused” and “boring, lifeless” list building tactics everyone is using right now.

You’ve probably found the same. It’s frustrating.

We quickly realised markets and people were becoming blind to the same list building tactics. The same optin forms, and styles of them and the same attempts at grabbing someones email.

It was getting harder to build a list, much slower and more expensive. You have probably experienced this too.

Things needed a shake up…

And, we decided to do just that! We decided to innovate and…

build a list building software tool

that taps into one of the most powerful psychological triggers known to human race.

One Of The Most Powerful Urges Known To Man… Is The Urge To WIN!

You’ve seen this happen before. Maybe you’ve even done it yourself.

People go down to the 7/11, buy a scratchcard and immediately see if they’ve won. Usually, they haven’t. So they buy another. And another.

Now, it’s not like people think they’ve got a great chance of winning. They know the odds are slim. But they keep coming back.

Why? Because the urge to win is THAT STRONG.

Check out these 3 powerful campaign types you can use to…

suck in subscribers in any niche

“The Everyone’s A Winner Campaign”

On this campaign, you set the campaign up so that everyone is a WINNER. But, to claim the prize, you require an email address to send it too. List building super charged.

“The Second Time Lucky Campaign”

Another campaign you can run is that everyone loses first time. But, they can unlock another scratch card by entering their email address. Again, tapping into that WIN BIG mentality.

“The 1 in 100 Campaign”

Here we promoted a new product and created a scratch card that produced 1 winner with every 100 entries. Those 99 that lost were driven to buy the product at a HUGE DISCOUNT. Not just for email list building, but for driving sales too.

In 1 day we pulled a total of $6,239.50 in pure profit.

The results speak for themselves.

What you are looking at right now is the future of rapid list building and hungry buyers. This works in any market you want to dominate.

Every Element Inside Of Scratch Engine PRO Helps You

Drive Tons More Optins And Sales
Built in Templates

Choose from 5 built in scratch card templates and backgrounds.
One Click Insert

Add scratch cards directly to any page or post on WordPress with one click.
Win or Lose

Create WIN or LOSE everytime campaigns.
Lock “Scratch Cards” per IP

Users can only scratch once!

You decide what happens when
someone loses or wins.
Upload Templates

Upload your own templates and backgrounds so they look incredible.
Fully Responsive

Works great on mobile and tablets too. (Fully Responsive)
Randomize Campaigns

Create RANDOMIZED campaigns.

Drive optins upon completing scratch.
Autoresponder Integration

Supports GetResponse, Mailchimp, Aweber and Campaign Monitor.
Unlimited Campaigns

Add, manage and create an unlimited amount of scratch card campaigns.
Competition Campaigns

Create competition mode campaigns where 1 in 100 (or more) WIN!
Drive Traffic

Drive website traffic upon completion.
Custom Messages

Custom closed competiton messages.

View logs and stats of campaigns
that are LIVE.

You control how these campaigns…

Work and run and all can be setup in minutes.

It doesnt matter if you are brand new, or a seasoned marketer, anyone can use this to grow a list of
hungry buyers at lightning speed.

Ready To Get Started? Here Is What You Get

With Scratch Engine PRO Today…

Powerful Scratch Engine PRO Plugin

This plugin is easily installed onto any WordPress. Once installed you can begin creating scratch card campaigns instantly.

Over The Shoulder Tutorials

Along with the plugin you will get access to our step by step setup tutorials showing you how to create your first scratch card campaign in minutes. You will be amazed to see how
simple it is!

Full Developer’s Rights

You get full developer’s rights today with purchase meaning you can use this powerful tool with clients too.

Lifetime Updates Included

You also get FREE LIFETIME UPDATES on Scratch Engine PRO. If we add new features, or fix any bugs that may come up, you get updates for free, forever. We support all of our software with the highest priority.

And If You Take Action Today, You Also Get Access To Our

FAST ACTION Exclusive Bonuses…

The Triple Threat Scratch Card Profits BONUS Training (Value $197)

On this exclusive live training we will be walking you through 3 different ways you can use Scratch Engine PRO to build rapid lists and bank easy profit instantly.

Prize Finding For “Pennies On The Dollar” Rolodex (Value $97)

As part of our scratch card campaigns we give away prizes. This obviously boosts results and we know where to find amazing prizes you can get for pennies on the dollar to give away in your own campaigns. The work is done for you.

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