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….Sick and tired of working for DAYS on your website?… creating content and videos & more content – only to find; they NEVER convert and NEVER bring in that revenue?
Finally Cracked: New Simple Software Gets You 5x The Clicks, Conversions & Revenue With Push-Button Revolutionary Curiosity Driven Ads Technology…
… No additional work… No additional traffic & No additional cost!

…We Know What Works… and we know how to get people to click our links

What if you could create ads for your videos & content that actually GET clicked and make you money?…

What if there was a piece of software which automatically created those ads in such a way that your visitors would WANT to click on them… buy whatever affiliate product you’re selling and then THANK YOU for it?

Even better… imagine how MUCH of an impact bypassing Adblock and similar banner-blocking systems will have on your business, conversions and revenue

Affiliate marketing…
Do you use affiliate marketing to make money online?

If you use affiliate marketing in any way with your website or videos and you want to finally make a financial KILLING by crushing your competition with the best revenue-generating system in the marketplace – then Shock Spots is made FOR YOU!
5x the Revenue
Imagine how much of an impact 5x the revenue could have on your business!

That $20 a day website? It could be making $100 a day or $3,000 a month with just this one tweak!…

Just Click & Drop the code and you’re done.
If you ever felt that you work too much and get little in return…


is made FOR YOU!

We Borrowed This from the Biggest & Richest Websites in the WORLD…
This revolutionary software employs the most advanced optimization and revenue-generation secret in current practice…

we know because we borrowed the concept from some the biggest most profitable websites in the world.

BUT it’s EASY… It’s as easy to use as choosing images & text for your ad-set and adding your affiliate link, all in the most seamlessly intuitive and responsive possible way.

Curiosity Driven For More Clicks & More Profit
…Here’s what you get:
Simple to use software:
Works with all WordPress websites

With Shock Spots, you’re always just a couple clicks away from multiplying your revenue and generating a lot more money with your videos & websites.
Revenue-Generation Technology
Shock Spots changes the way traditional banners are used!

With Shock Spots, your ads look natural (Native) but unusual.

Your visitor considers them part of the experience & curiosity makes them impossible to ignore!
Adblock NO-Block
Everybody has Adblock or some other extension which stops ads from being displayed.

While that’s OK – it’s HURTING your revenue and killing your business. Shock Spots technology bypasses this altogether and delivers the ads straight to your visitor
1- Click Ads for 1-Click Income

if you hate having to set up banners and even use HTML but still end up with everything looking spammy or out of place – you’ve come to the right place!
So do WE

Shock Spots is ridiculously easy to set up and even better yet, it’s all set-and-forget!
Designed by Internet Marketers for Internet Marketers
With hundreds of thousands of dollars generated from affiliate income we KNOW what works and what doesn’t

…and we’ve put it all inside Shock Spots, so you’re guaranteed to finally see your website and videos generate that life-changing income!
The Missing Link…
with SO many tools out there helping you create amazing content (from videos to articles, keyword research, webinars and more) there’s just one piece of the puzzle left for you to have a rock-solid business.
BUT – it’s the most important: MONETIZATION. Shock Spots takes care of it for you so you’re good to go!
This amazing software will work on ANY interface, PC, Mac, Mobile etc. allowing you to tap into the ever-increasing mobile traffic and get the lion’s share of the profits.
We Keeep Telling You How Good This Is
Time To See For Yourself – Here’s how well we’re doing with Shock Spots

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