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WARNING! – All These Outdated, Disappointing Methods…They Just Don’t Work Anymore. I Think It’s Time For A New Money Making Method That Actually WORKS…
“Discover How I Turned A Small $10 Investment Into $200 In Commissions, And How I Then Turned It Into $1,871.50 In Pure Profit In A Single DAY…
…And That’s Just ONE Campaign I Had”

And All I Did Was Create Simple CPA Machines
I Discovered Pretty Much By Accident.
I’ll Show You EXACTLY How You Can Create These Simple
CPA Machines In MINUTES Using My Method:

No Big Capital, Not Even Close To $30 Required For My Method
No Additional Costs For Tools/Softwares Required For My Method
No More Than 30 Minutes A Day Of Work Daily Required For My Method

Here’s an overview of the system and your training modules. (videos + Action list PDF)
Module #1 – Enter The CPA Machine
(Real Value – $17)

This is the cool Intro video where you’ll get an overview of the system.

Pretty straight forward, but important to watch because we dive into big secrets on the next modules, and this will give you a clear picture.
Module #2 – Niche Sniper
(Real Value – $27)

The NICHE is important, yet many people either SKIP and choose “some” niche or don’t do research before choosing.

So let me tell you a tiny winny secret, if you choose and research your niches like we do…you can double your earnings from the very beginning.
Module #3 – The Xavier Effect
(Real Value – $37)

Are you familiar with professor x from the x men? He could read minds. And we can, too. How?

In this module we’ll show you how to read your potential prospects mind before they even take action or visit your page, so you can DYNAMICALLY follow up with them, and grab them by the horns as soon as they hit your page.

This module is extremely important, and it’s one of the most non b.s pieces of information OUT there.

Module #4 – The Perfect Offer
(Real Value – $37)

Just like niche research, finding an offer seems straight forward.

Until you send some clicks to that offer and you figure out it doesn’t convert.

You blame the traffic, you blame the campaign or whatever.

When the truth is, that If you find the perfect offer the way we teach you, your earnings will explode, and your traffic will actually KEEP paying you again & again & again because of how perfect that offer was. Not a cliché, this is real, pretty secret info.
Module #5 – The Bridge
(Real Value – $47)

In this module we’ll talk about listbuilding, but not as you see it. Our focus is not to BUILD A LIST BUILD A LIST like these crazy monkeys.

No, our goal is to create this bridge listbuilding page in order to:

A) Collect leads to promote them again
B) Get higher EPC’s on the offers
C) Build trust to make more money in the future and build a reliable business.

This module isn’t ONLY about building pages… it’s also about the sequences, and the trick behind a low investment, high ROI producing bridge pages.
Module #6 – Traffic Machines
(Real Value – $37)

Everyone will love this module. This is where we dive into facebook and how to set everything up to create these mini traffic machines that produce massive ROI’s each.

Targeting, keywords, ads, placement, images, EVERYTHING is covered here. By the time you finish this module, you’ll hold the keys to a 6 figure empire.
Module #7 – Knowing Your Numbers
(Real Value – $47)

This is probably the turning point between a normal campaign and a crazy campaign.

This is where we show you how to realize what your numbers mean, and how to come to the realization of when to put it into overdrive, how to activate the “profit explosion” and start getting 300% and 400% the results your were getting before, no matter how good they were.

Knowing your numbers is part #1 of scaling.
Module #8 – The Scaling Blackbook & The Lazy Way
(Real Value – $37)

Ok so now that you know everything you’re probably already making a good profit. At this point, you must scale. But scaling the wrong way will cause a stagnation in profits or even result in a LOSS.

Scaling the right way however can and will get you the results we got. This is scaling part two, and this is where the magic happens. Now that you know the steps and are probably already killing it, you gotta move on or create more and more campaigns. The more machines you create, the more time it takes.

At some point, you’ll be over-whelmed with work, we don’t want that. In fact, we don’t want you to work over an HOUR per day. We’ll show you how to outsource 75% of the work to other people for cheap. (Quality workers too)

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