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FINALLY! A Simple Way To Build a Growing Monthly Passive Income Stream Online

Start Your Online Business From Scratch

Simple Freedom Alliance was designed to teach you exactly how to launch a high profit, low risk business from scratch online. Learn at your own pace and have direct access to your mentors.

Expand Your Existing Business Online
Expand Your Existing Business Online

Your monthly membership delivers the straight forward marketing content, copywriting and business development campaigns you need to grow your existing business online.

LIVE Online Marketing and Sales Generation Training
Online Marketing & Cash Flow Training

Receive the real mentorship and support you need to grow your skill sets and your cash flow with live and recorded daily, weekly and monthly coaching sessions on Internet Marketing, Traffic Generation, Lead Creation and Sales Closing.
Simple Freedom Alliance is Your Solution for Taking Back Your Personal Liberty and Not Being a Victim in a World Hell Bent on Destroying the Middle Class

As you already know, our Middle Class is under direct, aggressive attack from changing economic forces. The Simple Freedom Alliance was designed to give people an actual solution and an effective vehicle to create the single most powerful tool you can use to preserve your Freedom and Liberty, and that is: CASH FLOW. The strategies shared inside Simple Freedom Alliance help to produce results, EVEN during and after your training sessions. Our mission is to arm you with cash and to help you produce a sudden increase in your marketing skills. Please make sure you do not skip over our information and know that as you engage, learn and take action, you have a very strong opportunity to create the passive monthly cash flow to increase your amount of freedom.

Listen To The Voice Of Some Of Our Members…

Steve Legg
I’ve known about Simple Freedom for over 6 years and I watched from the outside and what a mistake that was looking back… I partnered up with Simple Freedom about a year ago and it has been a huge learning experience for me personally as well as the business education I get whenever I decide to go get it. I guess that is what I like the Simple Freedom Team is always there when I want it.

– Steve Legg
Dee Gabinet
The training, support and “community” saved my butt after the last MLM company I was involved in disappeared… with my money. Quitting was not an option, so I took action on the simple training and very quickly created the cashflow I needed to scale up and go all in with my business again!! I am 100% confident sharing these products with anyone looking to create a better life for themselves and their families. Simple Freedom is a GIFT to our profession!

– Dee Gabinet
Let me start off by saying “I simply love Simple Freedom!” A year ago, I could not say that; I was totally confused but not willing to give up! This team, club, concept and programs have been a “game changer” for me period! Today I made 4 sales from a content blog post… I’m striving to become a better relationship builder, expert inviter and master at my game plan of creating relevant, orginal and inspiring content. I just want to show you and the family, I’m a “work in progress” however, I see the Simple Freedom trainings, culture, team support, momentum and skills showing up in my life and my bank acct… Til the break of dawn Simple Freedom Rocks!

– Carla Moore
I was looking for something simple that I could do from my computer and from my mobile phone.
I spend a lot of time at the hospital visiting my grandson Jaxen so I work from my phone quite a bit. I’m telling you now, you will NOT find anything more SIMPLE… I continue to make sales using my phone where ever I am at, whether I am sitting in a hospital room or at a Cardinals baseball game. The SIMPLICITY of this system and quality of training cannot be matched.

– Jim Hoffman
Just dropping by to thank you… I went through the training and actually made my qualifying sale with my very 1st Facebook post! I know that’s not to be expected, but it sure proves that this system works! Anyone can do this…

– Michael Turner
Al Rodriguez
FINALLY! The Simple Freedom community delivers great training and support without all the hype we see all over the internet. I’ve been able to implement simple but effective strategies that allow me to generate more leads, make more sales and lead my team with great and fresh ideas that work. I’ve also been able to learn how to deliver “my message” in a more compelling manner, tweak my sales pages so they convert better as well as how to attract people versus chasing them; all within a community of people that truly bring value and want to serve others. I HIGHLY suggest you join this community of people and training, if more success and fun is what you want in your business and life.

– Al Rodriguez
Ed Mayer
It has been a long time coming for me, working full time on the internet since 2008 and Struggling for years. It’s been a godsend for me becoming a part of the Simple Freedom Marketing Club. I had been making “Marketing” way too complicated and started becoming Frustrated.
Although knowing that I would Never Give Up – I knew I needed to become associated with a Team that had the Exact same Vision as I did. Morals – Ethics and Integrity are very Important… The Simple Freedom Club is that group of people. I am honored to be a part of this Amazing team and look forward to Growing personally and giving others a fighting chance at achieving Success.

– Ed Mayer
Liz Warneck
I had given up on the thought of anything that resembled online marketing or “team building” that never felt like a team… About a month ago, I heard about an opportunity that I could not refuse. My inviter didn’t promise the world, she just said, “follow the steps, and watch the success come.” I took a chance and joined. I never knew that I would be supported by a group of members in Simple Freedom Facebook groups who are eager to help me learn as I earn… For once, I’m not afraid of failing. I’m getting the tools needed for success. If you want relevant tools that will help you succeed at whatever level of knowledge you have, Simple Freedom is your source.

– Liz Warneck
Jimmy Hernandez
The whole Simple Freedom community is amazing all around!…seriously. They taught me the most basic (yet effective) stuff people in our industry miss all of the time and the most SIMPLE but advanced marketing. Simple Freedom has made my confidence sky rocket and the ability give the up most value I possibly can and become a leader. From the products to the team culture I just don’t see how anyone can ignore us! … Thanks guys for EVERYTHING!

– Jimmy Hernandez
Steph Perez
When I dove in SFA I was in love instantly because it’s what my business has been made of for year and I knew I had to give this back to the market place! I allowed me to reengage in my business and make tweaks in certain areas and has allowed me to pack way more value in my own marketing. I feel good promoting and sharing SFA because it simple, no nonsense and it’s just a breath of fresh air to be honest!

– Steph Perez
Lynda Cromar
I am not a newbie, but yet I was always looking for the missing piece. I would try things, take a lot of action, and somehow there was no leverage. Eventually through trial and error and a huge amount of debt, I realized I had to find another way! I became aware of Franco and the Simple Freedom he was talking about… I jumped in and have never looked back! Our whole community of the Simple Freedom Club has been the ground breaker for me! I have re-launched myself and my brand. I have new confidence I have never had before, and of course it doesn’t hurt that I now make money steady! Thank you Simple Freedom Club!!

– Lynda Cromar

We wanted to include this handful of testimonials for a reason, therefore if you haven’t done so, please go back and read each of them carefully now.

What you are about to learn is important and it works, however there’s something that has baffled us since we opened Simple Freedom Alliance… In one of the above testimonials, there’s a sentence that caught our attention:

Just dropping by to thank you… I went through the training and actually made my qualifying sale with my very 1st Facebook post! I know that’s not to be expected, but it sure proves that this system works! Anyone can do this… Thanks!

The irony is this… though we get VERY FEW cancellations for our Simple Freedom Alliance membership, the ones we do get always come from people who are unsuccessful.

For one reason or another, they didn’t think this knowledge was “right for them.”

It absolutely blows our minds away when someone who has not even made progress, or that has a FAR less degree of success on their business than we do, thinks that this community didn’t provide them with information that cost less than the pizza-and-beer expenses for the month. Just the Audio Coaching Sessions alone are worth $400!

On the other hand, the “thank you” testimonials, calls and emails of appreciation always come from people who are currently having success. We will never understand this phenomenon, but we hope that you can understand the psychological difference between these two groups of people, and choose the right category to add yourself to.


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