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Here’s My “Secret Summer 2015” Formula …
STEP ONE – 100 Profitable Niches

First, we choose a profitable t-shirt niche…

The more proven the niche, the bigger the profits.

The 100 most proven niches are pre-loaded into Titan 2.

Choose 4 categories – then pick from 150 niches…

There’s no “niche research”, so we can skip to Step 2…
STEP TWO – 100 T-Shirt Designs

Next, I need to create a design for our t-shirt.

The safest and best way is to start with a design that’s already sold – at least $1,000 to $100,000 cash profits.

Titan 2 has 100 top-selling design “templates” like this.

All of these niches generate huge profits with Facebook..

Download the image & upload to TeeSpring in 1 minute
100 designs x 150 niches in 4 clicks
STEP THREE – Get Facebook traffic

Now we have our design, it’s time to get traffic & sales.

We do this using Facebook Ads and my specific formula.

But, it’s tough to spot profitable campaigns quickly.

That’s why I’ve developed my “Social Formula” software that lets you score any campaign out of 100.

Now you can predict the winners, and kill unprofitable Facebook campaigns, after as little as $1 ad spend.
Predict the most profitable Facebook Ads
Everything to profit – in April, 2015 – is included!

Titans only launch PROVEN tshirt designs, in the BEST niches, and only spend PENNIES to test Facebook Ads…

So we spend a smaller amount of money — and get larger returns – with lower risk.

No matter the design we settle on it… our niche.. or how launch our ad… we are “locked in” on the money.

We’re finally playing the tshirt game with the deck stacked firmly in our favor….

So there you have it – Tee Titan 2.0 really is a fresh new way to look at TeeSpring & Facebook for 2015.

And this is the exact system you’ve been crying out for, since you first heard about people making money with tshirts.

Can you see how this is different to the other tshirt systems out there?

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