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Originally Posted by mattierocks View Post
I signed up for this offer. So far I’ve been through the three day trial, and just got access to the first month. I’m a complete newb at this so, I’m looking forward to seeing how it continues to go.

One thing I will say so far is that the information and instructions provided are very detailed and easy to follow. Within 30 minutes I had my funnel set up and ready to go. Steve gives great instruction.

Again, I’m really looking forward to seeing how this works from here, but I’m quite optimistic based on the material so far. Thanks!
Originally Posted by Iamthetwo View Post
I’m actually torn about writing this review. On one hand I wonder if by doing this, I’ll just create more people to compete with? But on the other hand, if you are looking for an answer, this is it. I’ll just trust that my review will help the right people. Seriously! I have spoken to 2 guru’s who just wanted to get my 3k and 5k respectively. With no guarantees. Then I joined another coaching program which is OK but disorganized. But upon joining this program, I could not be more impressed. This is the ultimate no brainer program. If you want to make money and build a real business, this is it. Period. Just follow the steps. PM me if you want more details.
Originally Posted by Gijsbertus View Post
All warriors sitting on the fence out there = hear me out…

So I subscibed to this training in a final attempt to get around the ”shining object syndrome”, the ”information overload flu” and I forgot the ”wso hype fever”…

This time I will succeed… why? Because this academy is full of teachers and students that have the same goal = getting the ”job” done the best way possible.This academy class room is filled with all the PRO stuff…

In the private FB group you can ventilate ALL issues you might encounter during your lessons. There’s always someone to respond to your questions or problems. This is so powerful and of very high value.

Steve is more then available as well and I hope he still wil be, now that some many new pupils have joined.

I can not add much more to what has already been written here above in other reviews.

School’s out ?? Not yet !! Onwards and upwards, great days lay ahead…
Originally Posted by cg733 View Post
So I have passed my three day trial and on week 1, so far all seems to be going well, personally I have no experience with this type of thing but all the steps are easy to follow and if anything gets too hard theres always the facebook group, overall, if you are thinking of it but can’t decide, take it up, you wont regret it, plus with the 12 month guarantee, why wouldnt you?
Originally Posted by vencedor08 View Post
Here is my honest review on this WSO:

I’ve been trying to find a way to make money online and every time I ask some one I always get the same answer…”the money is in the list”. Now, It has been proven time after time that having a list is the best way to make money online but the problem for me and thousands of other IM marketers is…how do we create a list? and most of all…how can we create a list fast and in a simple way? well, steve WSO “The List Builder Academy is the answer.

I took the 3 days trial offer and all I can tell you is…wow! this is it!. Steve takes you in simple step by step on how to create a list fast and how to monetize it to the max. I have tried a few WSO here on how to create a list but most of them were kind complicate and hard for me to understand. I am not saying that they were bad products but for some reason it was kind difficult for me to understand.

I encourage any one that is struggling in creating a list to get into Steve WSO “The List Builder academy”…I promise you will not be disappointed.
Originally Posted by Simon Weaver View Post

I have purchased this WSO

This is one of the best WSO’s I have purchased here on the WF. It is very clearly laid out and unlike many WSO’s there is a clear plan of action for you to follow.

I am only in Week One and already feel I have received excellent value for money!

The thing I like about the course is the fact that it has not only video’s but PDF’s to back up your learning to make sure you do not miss any important information. It is early days yet but I for one am more than happy with this WSO and know it will add revenue to my business.

I would consider this WSO suitable for New people entering List Building. The $1 3 day trial is a great way to try this WSO. Just do it! You will not be disappointed.!
This video review was just posted by a paying student of The List Builders Academy in the student FB group. I thought I would share it here with anyone who is on the fence:

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