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For The First Time Ever… Anyone Can Setup Countdown Timers And Use Them On Any Web Page Or In Any Email Promo!
“Just Released: New Technology That Lets Anyone Double – Or Triple – Their Sales In Just 2 Minutes!”

Whether you sell your own product, or only promote as an affiliate, our amazing software called Timer Magic will dramatically increase your sales. AND you can use it for next to nothing… if you get it during our limited time new release special.

Welcome To The New Generation
Of Countdown Timer Software…

In all seriousness… it doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, what you’re selling, if you have your own product, or you only focus on promoting affiliate products…

The BEST way to increase sale conversions is with a deadline. The BEST way to put a deadline straight in front of people is putting an eye-catching countdown timer on your web page AND in your emails.

Billion Dollar Retailers Use Deadlines And Countdown Timers Every Day…
So Should You!

Offer Expires In 15.29 m

For the first time ever, you can put awesome looking countdown timers on any web page or blog, OR in your emails in just a few minutes with no tech skills.

Just use Timer Magic to design your timer, copy the code, and paste it wherever you want the timer to show up in your email or on your web page or blog. YES… it’s really so simple you can do it in 2 minutes!

Because you must have an image to make the timer show in your emails, the software code is very complex to create these image timers. And the images have to be hosted on a server before they can be used in an email.

That’s why all the (other) companies that provide this software and service charge huge monthly fees as high as $200/month. If you think that $200/month is crazy high – get this – they don’t even give you unlimited use. Now, that’s crazy!

By the way… I tried these high priced services and the first one didn’t even work correctly in my emails. I had to get my own programmer to spend an hour fixing their code. By the time he was done, he commented that he could see dozens of ways to improve on their crappy software.

Since I was royally pissed off about paying them for a service that my programmer had to fix… I decided to make my own software… software that actually works, is easy to use, and does way more than the crap they’re peddling.

And because I wanted to prove a point… I decided to do everything in my power to put them out of business the old fashioned way – competition. In this case competition means “selling a superior product at a lower price.”

In fact, for this launch special I decided to do something way over the top. We’ll give you unlimited use of Timer Magic to make and deploy unlimited countdown timers, host everything on our servers at our expense, and all you have to pay today is the crazy low one-time-only fee you see below.

That’s right – even though we’re hosting unlimited images and all the code for you, you never have to pay a single dime in monthly fees to use Timer Magic!

LOOK At The Difference In Sales By
Using A Countdown Timer vs. No Timer

In a recent launch, we sold 2,956 products at $67 each in 8 days. Over the 1st 5 days, our conversion rate was 2.75%. Then, we added a countdown timer with 3 days left.

On that day, our conversion rate jumped to 4% – an increase of 45%. With 2 days left, our conversion rate soared to 4.5% – an increase of 63%. On the final day, we converted an astounding 9.6% of the visitors. That’s an incredible 249% increase from our regular conversion rate.

And get this… in the last 2 hours, our conversion rate was an epic 31%! That’s a 1,027% increase because of the Countdown Timer just like you’ll be able to do in a few minutes.

The bottom line is that process got us 503 more buyers and $65,390 in additional sales

So what happens when we apply this same strategy to a high priced product?

Recently, we used a countdown timer for a $497 product offer to test a small list over 3 days. On the first day we had 2 sales. On the second day, we had 2 sales. On the final day, we had 14 sales for a 600% increase in conversion thanks to the countdown timer!

The countdown strategy got us an extra $5,964 with 2 minutes of effort!

This technique has worked every time I’ve used it and made me millions of dollars.

And recently – I’ve started using countdown timers in my emails. As you’d expect, those results have been epic as well. You have to see those to believe them.

You definitely must add countdown timers to your arsenal because this is the easiest way ever to double or triple your sales.

But – until now – setting up timers for websites and, in particular, emails has been complicated, cumbersome, and crazy expensive.

The Good News is that my team has invented the easiest, fastest, simplest, and cheapest way ever to use and deploy Countdown Timers both on your websites or in your e-mails.

Finally, you can set up your own Countdown Timer in 2 minutes, and then use that timer on any web page or blog, or in any email promo. Timer Magic makes it super easy!

You simply login into your Timer Magic account on our server, choose a template or start from scratch, click to make your choices, copy the code, and paste it wherever you want to use it on your web page or in an email promo.

Because we host everything for you, there’s no software to install and nothing complicated to do. If you can click, copy, and paste, you can use Timer Magic to create countdown timers and put them anywhere you want.

You can even have the timer show up in a bar at the bottom of your web page just like the one on this page that you’ve been seeing even when you’re scrolling.

Who should use Countdown Timers?

EVERYONE who wants to double or triple their sales on a website or through email promotions.

Yes, I’m serious.

If you sell your own product or service, it’s pretty obvious how you can use timers in emails and on web pages to double or triple your sales.

Even if you’re an affiliate you can use Timer Magic to double your results using some really simple methods like you can use in just a few minutes.
How Can Affiliates Use Countdown Timers?

Affiliates can now easily use Countdown Timers to double or triple their sales and commissions even for a product that’s not on a deadline. It’s simple – just make your own deadline!

Set up a 3 day promo cycle – especially if you’re giving buyers any kind of bonus. Usuually, you’ll want to send people to a simple bonus or presell page with your Countdown Timer prominently displayed to show them the deadline to act to get the deal.

If you’re using emails to promote, put the Countdown Timer in your email promos so people see them and take the deadline seriously. You’ll create super high click through rates.

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