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One day I was browsing online, looking for a way to lose weight. I couldn’t believe how many websites and forums there were about weight loss. but what shocked me even more was how many videos there were on YouTube.

It fascinated me even more that very few of these videos had affiliate links underneath each video, yet they were getting tons of views daily.

Each video not only had tons of views, but also plenty of comments and interaction. If I could create videos on this topic, they would eat it up.

This is what I call feeding a starving crowd!

I started searching the internet for weight loss related affiliate products, and found a company that is not only highly profitable, but they do all of the work for you, once you find the lead.

That’s when I realized I had found a great niche!
This seemingly innocent niche was the key to making money online…any time I wanted.

I realized that the reason I wasn’t making money online is because I was trying to promote everything under the sun. Promoting CPA offers on YouTube is a perfect way to make money online, but you have to promote offers to a hungry crowd. YouTube helped me find serious fans of my niche instead of just the casual online browser.

Even though my concept is easy, and anyone can do it, I realized I need to streamline my methods. Even though I made a ton of mistakes when I first started in the niche, I perfected it, I discovered how to make money on a regular basis.
JACKPOT!!! I had finally stumbled upon a unique method of making regular money on YouTube in a highly scalable niche.

Over the next few months I created a method so that most anyone can copy my techniques:

1) A Simple Way to find the Best Niches to Promote on YouTube

Instead of struggling to find what to promote, I already know which CPA products will convert.

2) How to get tons of traffic and beat your competition.

I use special “presell” techniques in my videos to get them viewed over my competitors, and now my views are skyrocketing.

3) How to put irresistible offers in front of your video viewers so they will want to click on your CPA offers.

I created a special “click here now” technique to get tons of leads to my CPA offers (it’s insane how fast my bank account is growing!)

Considering that it has taken tons of time and effort through testing and tweaking my methods into this YouTube course, friends have told me I could easily charge $500 for this course and with all of the helpful bonuses I’m including too. (I’ll tell you about that in just a bit.)

But, I didn’t want to make this course for only people who are already successful online. I want to make it affordable to as many people as possible. Especially since I love helping people to succeed online, and teaching people how to be a success is my passion.

Don’t worry.

Even though I should price this course higher, I’m going to let you get access to it for much less than I should be selling it for.

Instead of charging my typical rates of $500/hr for one-on-one coaching, I’m going to let you see all of my video marketing secrets.

I’m going to let you get access to this course for significantly less than what similar courses have sold online for as much as $1,997.00, and I’m going to teach you my methods in less than 2 hours.

Before I talk about price, I want to show you these…

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