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The Only Video Marketing Software that is able to Reverse Engineer YouTube rankings system!

Dominate YouTube Rankings
Get Top YouTube Rankings
Spy Your Competiton
Find Untapped Keywords
Track Your Rankings
Get Traffic From Related Videos

It’s as simple as 1,2,3!

Step 1
Find Untapped Keywords

VMB will suggest you long tail keywords and related keywords to your main niche that you can easy exploit.

Step 2
Analyze Your Competition

We will find all the weak points of the competitor videos and we will automatically exploit them.

Step 3

VMB will generate with the click of one button your titles/desc/tags stuffed with phrases that contain the best keywords for your niche.
Follow this easy steps and you will get TOP RANKINGS in any niche!
VMB is taking analyze over 70 ranking signals and will show you exactly what you need to do in order to get top rankings!

What makes VMB so special…

We are developing YouTube Software for more than 5 years, in all this time we noticed all the changes and updates to the YouTube ranking algorithm.

We’ve spent countless hours and uploaded thousands of videos to back engineer their ranking system.

We noticed that they changed their system from an “exact match system” to a “lexical semantic system”. What this means…

YouTube know that “learn guitar” and “guitar lessons” are one and the same thing.

We spent countless hours creating our own lexical semantic matching engine.

When we finished our engine and tested our system we were blown away!

Our rankings got huge boosts, we were able to get top rankings in almost any niche that you can think of… we are using all the signals and keywords that YouTube searches for when their calculating the rank of a video.

Why People Say That VMB Is The All-In-One Video Marketing Software…
VMB contains 4 modules that will make sure that all your video marketing needs are being automated!
Module 1
Keyword Module

VMB PRO uses it’s own Lexical Semantic engine in order to find long tail keywords and related keywords. Compared to the other tools on the market VMB will give you 500% more keyword suggestions.

• Research from for different sources!

• Generate the largest, most diversified keyword list imaginable.

• Uncover keyword phrases I guarantee you had absolutely no idea people actually searched on!

• The single fastest way to find untapped niches not even the YouTube gurus know about!

Module 2
Generate Video Details

With the click on one button VMB PRO will generate you titles, description and tags that will out rank all the competiton. Your descriptions will not be stuffed with keywords,they will contain pharses that contain the targeted keywords.

• Generate perfect SEO optimized titles/descriptions/tags with the click of one button!

• Bulk Title/Description/tags generation from your buit-in templates.

• Rule the YouTube ranking!

• Export your titles/descriptions/tags to Mass Video Blaster

Module 3
Analyze Competitors

VMB Pro will analyze and spy on your competition, giving you detailed data about how hard is to rank in a specified niche. VMB will take in consideration over 70 ranking factors, check out the image on your right.

• Find out the weak spots of your competitor videos

• Find out how easy it is to rank for a specific keyword

• Find out exactly what signals you need to profit in order to get top rankings

• Get insight info about your competiton

Module 4
Rank Tracker

Any successful marketer knows that tracking your video rankings and progress is critical. With this module you can:

• Track all your YouTube Videos Rankings

• Find if your YouTube videos are ranking in Google

• Track you video views,likes,comments across time

• Find if other YouTube videos are ranking in Google for your keyword
VMB is delivering Results in any niche!

Check out some of the results achived with VMB:
Foreign langauage… No problem for VMB!
We got #1 Rank for one of the hardest fitness keyword in Romania with one click from VMB! Check out the traffic!

Introducing The Holy Grail Of Video Marketing…


Keyword Suggestions

Get long tail keyword suggestions by analyzing related videos, first page videos, google results and more…

Generate Video Details

Auto generate SEO optimized Titles/Descriptions/Tags with our unique lexical semantic engine!

Partial/Exact Match

Get the partial match keywords and related long tail keywords that are helping your competitors to rank and start out-ranking them!

Track Video Rankings

Track your video ranks, views, likes etc. Without tracking your videos you would be working in the dark.

Analyze Competition

Analyze your competition and find their weak points and profit from them.

One Click All-In-One

One Click to Generate Video Details, Analyze competition and get Keyword Suggestions. VMB is so easy to use that even a 7 year old could make money from YouTube.

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