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This Done 4 You Local Marketing Sales Funnel Locks In High Paying Clients Eager To Buy From You!

Here’s what you’ll get access to when you invest in Video Profit Funnel Today:
The Done 4 You Goodies…

Our High Converting “Lead Magnet” – This will allow you to build an email list of highly targeted prospects. The lead magnet essentially “Pre-Sells” your prospect on why using video is the number one way to generate more leads for their business!
Our “FIDO” Video Sales Letter – This VSL is our “Foot In The Door Offer” aka FIDO. It’s the old school, high converting “ugly VSL” that is proven to convert your prospect into a paying customer! Simply send your prospects to the video and let it work its magic!
Our “Rank Up” Video Sales Letter – This VSL is used to maximize how much money you make from each new client! As soon as your prospect takes you up on the “Video Package”, this video offers to help them rank those videos so the phone calls start coming in sooner!

Value: $598
And We’re Not Stopping There…
You see, the few people who actually “Give You” tools like this to use in your business, never actually TEACH YOU how to use them!

So in addition to the Done 4 You Sales Funnel components (Lead Magnet, VSL’s etc…), we’ve also included a full blown “Members Area” with videos showing you how to implement your new Sales Funnel every step of the way!

Here’s what’s included in the Members Area:
Module 1 – Niche Selection
Yes, this is VERY IMPORTANT. Obviously some niches are better fit for video marketing than others. We’ll show you exactly how to find the right businesses to work with!
Module 2 – Lead Magnet & Offer Page
Obviously we are GIVING YOU a lead magnet to use. But we wanted to actually train you to make these yourself in the future. After watching this video you’ll know exactly how to craft the perfect lead magnet and offer page!
Module 3 – List Segmentation
In this module you’ll learn how to automatically segment your list based on where your prospect / customer is in your sales funnel. This way you know exactly which customers have purchased which product from you!
Module 4 – Video SEO Domination
In this module we show you what you need to do to rank these videos for your clients. This will be your “Recurring Revenue” bread and butter!
Module 5 – Packaging & Syndication
We show you exactly how to package your videos up into a no-brainer offer and show you how we include Video Syndication into our packages. Including the top 35 sites that we like to use for our videos!
Module 6 – Editing Video For Conversion
There’s a good chance you have several marketing videos collecting dust on your hard drive. We’ll show you how to brand them with your prospects information to get more phone calls for their business and ultimately make you more money!
Module 7 – Outsourcing Your Business
For those of you who don’t have any of the new “Video Maker Programs” we’ll show you exactly how to outsource the entire process, including who to outsource them to.

The Ultimate YouTube Spy Tool

Keyword Harvester – Search YouTube suggest to find hidden keywords and help speed up your keyword research time. Everyone hates keyword research… well, not anymore!
Keyword Analyzer – See how many competing videos there are, the average views, when videos were uploaded, number of thumbs up/down, comments and much more.
Keyword Rank Checker – Easy One Click Rank Checking your YouTube videos for as many keywords as you want… No need for a separate rank checking tool.
Video Uploader – You can upload your videos directly to YouTube and add your keyword tags with a couple clicks. You can do EVERYTHING from one central dashboard!

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