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“Are You Still Struggling:
To Make A Steady Monthly Income Online?”
If So, You Need A Proven-To-Work, Step-By-Step Simple Client-Getting System!

Super EASY and Fast
Instantly Get Attention Of Local Business Owners
Win Local Business Owners’ Trust
Gain “Expert” Status

Is This For You ?

Prospect & Convert
New Clients
In Any Niche
If This Is YOU

You’re Excited, right? Good!
Here is Everything You Need To Know About
Video Prospector Jack:

#1: If you don’t like Cold Calling, this is for you.
#2: If you don’t like spending hundreds on postage and mailings, this is for you.
#3: If you don’t like showing yourself in a video this is for you.
#4: If you have problems capturing Business owner’s attention, this is for you.
#5: If you want to win business owners’ trust this is for you.
#6: If you don’t have hours to spend prospecting for clients, this is for you.
#7: If you feel like a zero when speaking with business owners, this is for you.
#8: If you want a simple and easy one-click prospecting system, this is for you.
#9: If you are short on money, this is for you.
#10: If you are NOT tech-savvy, this is for you.
#11: If you have no (or just a few) clients, this is for you.

Getting New Clients Doesn’t
Have To Be Difficult!

Our simple system will help you:

#1: Quickly identify hot new prospects using our own professionally written, high converting email template.
#2: Gain “INSTANT EXPERT” Status in the Eyes of the Business Owner.
#3: Stop Spending Endless Hours Prospecting Clients.
#4: Win Business Owners’ Confidence and Trust in Your Capabilities.
#5: Propel your prospecting from “maybe someday” to immediate appointments…
#6: Discover new opportunities to offer Long Term Local Marketing services.
#7: Collect Premium Fees from Clients!

Video Prospector Jack

Video Prospector Jack Does The Hard Work For You!
Don’t Take My Word For It

Confession time.. I spend thousands of dollars a year trying to make my life easier and my business more efficient. I can truly say that I get more value from Jack’s products than any others and no question who has the best service. Thanks Jack for actually doing what all the others promise.

– Tim Parker

Dear Jack, Thank you so much for your email, very much appreciated. It’s refreshing to engage with the creator of a outstanding product and for you to kindly take the time to talk with me. Unfortunately as you know there are a lot of creators that sell products and all they think about is just the money.

– Clive Bulmer

Hi Jack, Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I found this product by accident and I am so glad I did. It is exactly what I was hoping to find and I know exactly how I’m going to go about using it. Thank you so much! Have a great day.

– Teri

If you’re a local marketing consultant, then Video Prospector Jack is a great way to automate your prospecting. Using this method, you never have to talk to a prospect until AFTER they have booked an appointment with you (yes, THEY book the appointment!). Since Video Prospector Jack has already positioned you as an expert, it’s simply a matter of making that personal connection with the business owner during your appointment (they already pretty much decided they want you to help them BEFORE they scheduled the appointment). Easy peasy.

– Holly Cotter

Hi Jack, I wanted to first say I really appreciate your responses to all my questions. I don’t think I have ever received support like that, so thank you very much. Thanks.

– Teo Henry

Hi Jack, Thank you so much for all that you do. The training and dedication you put into helping us succeed will never be forgotten. I totally believe in what you are doing and follow all of your advice. Thank you again my dear friend, I look forward to your next training.

– Jimmy Bryant

Here Is a Reminder of Everything You Are Getting
Video Prospector Jack Includes

High Converting Prospecting Video One

Video 1:
Get Attention Of Local Business Owners
Voice Over in: USA – United Kingdom – Australia – Canada
With & Without Audio Or Background Music

High Converting Prospecting Video Two

Video 2:
Win Local Business Owners’ Trust
Attractive Educational Video
Clear Call To Action

High Converting Prospecting Video Three

Video 3:
Gain “Expert” Status
Attractive Educational Video
Exclusive Offer

Become An Expert Today

Video Prospector – EXPERT Includes
Video Prospector – EXPERT comes with 3 High Prospecting Client Getting Videos… Plus
High Converting Client-Getting One Click Install Website
Which Includes Integrated Appointment Setting

Click Here to Check Out Our Client Getting Theme
Lead Generation

#1: Get Video Prospector Jack Pro Local Theme Jack theme to create your very own client getting website in minutes.
#2: This theme alone has a value of $ 497… that makes picking up Video Prospector Expert a NO BRAINER… .
#3: This Client Getting WordPress theme will make you look professional right out of the gate – giving you instant credibility.
#4: Includes an easy appointment setting feature.
#5: Now Part of this Incredible deal, this theme will be released as $97 stand alone product.

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