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Attention: All Website Owners, Video Marketers & Bloggers

Watch How This Brand New Video Player Can 10X Your Video Views & Get You 300% More Traffic Using The Exact Strategy YOUTUBE Uses…

It’s Time to Forget Your Sad Little
Video Player – VLYDO solves every problem

No more having to put videos on each and every page of your site. Vlydo can put all your videos on the same page.

No need to make any HUGE investments (both time & money).

Never be limited to where you store your videos – Vlydo plays them from almost everywhere you keep them.

No life-draining tech skills required – this is soooo simple & easy.

Never again you will have to use a mix of 3-4 different tools to capture leads and generate sales using videos.

No more using age-old video players that aren’t smart enough.

Now you can get more traffic, more views & more
leads/sales all by just using this new video player…


…and help you get 10X More Results from Your Videos

Create UNLIMITED Playlists + Unlimited Categories & Sites

Playlists was what Youtube used to double and then triple their video views & that helped them grow their revenues very quickly – the more videos people watched, the more ads and offers they could show.

That’s exactly what you can do with Vlydo and use it on Unlimited Sites, create unlimited video playlists and skyrocket your traffic.

Fully Integrated with Amazon S3, Dropbox and Google Drive

Every other player lets you play videos from Youtube and other popular sites. But we went one step ahead and integrated Amazon S3, Google Drive and even Dropbox storage so you can directly play files from there and create playlists you store on the cloud.

Makes life so simple, right?

Play Videos From Youtube, Self Hosted or any other site…

If we did not have this, would this be a cool player?

No – that’s why you can play videos from almost any video site you want, Youtube is the #1 choice for most people but if you have the videos self hosted, you can just plug them into our player and get going in just seconds.

Integrate ANY Autoresponder to Generate Unlimited Leads

Capturing leads from videos is the best thing you can do.

Make them enter their email before, during or after the video, anytime you want. That’s the smartest way to build a very targeted list and increase your profits.

That’s why we’ve made it extremely easy for you to integrate any autoresponder (including Getresponse, Aweber, Mailerlite and others) with your videos and playlists.

Video Split Tests & It Works On Facebook!

Finding which videos work better than others is super important.

You definitely want to use the ones that work like magic and get you more leads and sales. But to know that, you need to test and see the results – that’s where our unique video split test feature comes in.

You can split test on your site or even via Facebook and learn very quickly which videos are giving you the most results and then use them. In fact if you want to post your videos to Facebook you can use it as a lead source and generate leads through the social network from your videos quick and easy.

Add Unlimited Optin Forms + Social Locks

Want more traffic? – I know you do.

That’s why we added this really cool feature there you can not only add unlimited optin forms on videos and playlists but you can also have Social Locks – make people like, tweet or do any other social actions to watch the video and that gets your videos and website exposure to their entire audience in just one click.

Add Unlimited Captions and Subtitles

Being able to add your own captions and subtitles can be so powerful.

Auto generated ones are good too but if you can smartly insert call to actions and use some Jedi mind tricks on your audience, you can do 10 times better than anyone else out there.

Use this powerful feature that other video players don’t have and boost your profits.

Traffic Ninja Module – Share To Complete Actions

Have you ever seen server melting traffic?

This is one feature that will get you that kind of traffic – I can promise you that. Being able to Share to watch or do any other kind of actions before or during a video & then continue playing is very unique.

This is a ninja technique and is so powerful that you’ll have to move to a bigger server to handle the traffic this will get you.

Unlimited Styles – Player Themes & Skins

Regular black and grey video players are so boring and take you back in 2010 – not Vlydo.

We’ve added an amazing number of styles and skins with the ability to let you control how the player looks on your site.

Match the look and feel with your brand and let it blend into your site. This not only makes you an authority on your site by using a better looking video but it also lets stand out from the crowd…

Smart Controls – Show Ads on Pause, Smart Scrolling etc

If you secretly visit video sites that show you past episodes of your favorite shows or some late night entertainment – you’ll notice those sites are excellent at selling you all the time.

But – they are smart about it and convert a huge amount of traffic into leads and sales. Being able to smartly advertise on videos is what you can do (and no one else can).

Like showing ads when users pause a video or when they start scrolling or do any other passive action that takes attention away. This is a unique feature that is rare to find in any other player.

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