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“Make Four Times The Profit From ALL Your Webinars…”
“We Made Over $23,000 Last Month Using Just One Simple Webinar Technique. And Now You Can Too.”
“Now you too can make more money, more often from the most profitable marketing medium online…AND work LESS!”

You’re already no doubt aware of the power of webinars…

Webinars – Allow You To Sell Anywhere, Anytime.

You see, we all know that Webinars are the best and quickest way to earn HUGE profits.

The biggest players in the marketing industry (million dollar earners and above!) are all using Webinars for one important reason:

Because they add hundreds – even thousands to your bottom line.

They give you higher level of engagement than any other marketing tool online –

Which means that you can use them to sell higher ticket products more successfully, when an email just wouldn’t suffice.

Enabling you to bring in bigger profits quicker than any other method.

So Webinars = Money Making Awesomeness.

But here’s the thing. The more webinars you do…

The more customers you reach…

And the more money you make.



Because of the level of engagement required to deliver a successful Webinar…

Problem: They Are majorly time consuming.

And you have to work around your customers needs –

And most importantly, their time-zones.

If you want to deliver webinars to all of your customers, you HAVE to deliver them on a time zone that suits ALL of your customers.

And this isn’t physically possible.

Unless you deliver your webinar, twice, three, maybe four times.

So you better not enjoy your sleep –

Or enjoy spending time with your family –

Because this is going to interfere MAJORLY with your lifestyle.

BUT, I know you’re NOT going to want to sacrifice the massive income webinars will bring you.

You see, only deliver your webinar once –

You only make one set of profits.

Deliver it 4 times.

You make 4 times the profit.


More webinars = more money.
4 Showings = 4 x The Cash!

Just imagine if you never had to miss out on a single sale from your customers, no matter where they are in the world…and you only had to record your webinar ONCE….

And just imagine if you could run more webinars more often.

And still only have to record them once.

What if you could double, triple or quadruple your profits?

By reaching more of your customers,

More often?

Heck, what if you could even make thousands of dollars with your webinars, whilst you’re out for dinner with your family.

(And no, you don’t even have to take your laptop out to the restaurant with you!)

But how do you deliver 4 times the webinars…

AND generate 4 times the profits.

Without doing 4 times the work?…


With this:

Webinar Alpha Puts You In Total Control Of Your Money-Making Events
No Matter Where You Are Or What Time Of Day It Is

Turn Any Video Into An Evergreen Profit Machine Using Sophisticated Advanced Scheduling
Integrated Intelligent Scarcity Unique To Each Viewer
In Literally Just A Few Clicks You Too Can Create A Video Replay Sales Page And Have It Generating Masses of Leads And Sales.
Market More Often. Market To More: Increase the reach & frequency to market to subscribers anytime from anywhere.
Show More. Sell More: Increase sales by selling to more people more often with our smart relay technology that empowers you to automatically deliver multiple showings throughout any 24 hour period.
More Results. Less Effort: Greater results with less programming with our browser based technology

There Is Nothing Else Like Webinar Alpha Around…
Legally Hijack ANY Youtube Video
& Turn It Into An Evergreen Webinar. With Your Affiliate Link!

Webinar Alpha provides an all inclusive evergreen video conferencing experience, with no need to download or install anything. There’s no need for WordPress or plugins.
Webinar Alpha empowers you to do more frequent webinars that don’t interfere with your lifestyle.
You can record them in advance, with ZERO limitations then run them as LIVE and no one will EVER know.
Create signup and replay pages that can be hosted anywhere
Utilise our retargeting integration and automatically know who is watching your videos and who hasn’t yet
Create personalised scarcity with availability restrictions and personalised count down timers
Generate even more income with auto scheduled followup emails – at multiple points after your replay
Set up your evergreen machine with our ‘matinee’ system – allowing you to schedule complex repeating patterns of webinar replays on daily, weekly and monthly cycles.
Instantly capture email addresses using our proven, top converting forms
Maximise sales with delayed payment buttons, built in scarcity, retargeting and more…
Simply paste a You Tube URL and legally hijack ANY offer on You Tube with your personal affiliate link!

Let Webinar Alpha Revolutionise Your Webinar Profits For Life…

Reach every one of your customers, no matter their time-zone and still only record it once!
Genuine Engagement: Adaptive Scarcity, Availability & “Buyer Mindset” technology means that each viewer gets a unique experience suited to them.
More Leads: Capture more subscribers using API integration and intelligently branded events pages
More Exposure: Allow anyone to view, anyone to chat. Or optin gate viewing & / or chat.
Use Any Video: No need to even upload your recorded webinar videos. Simply copy and paste your link from any video site.
Next Generation Scheduling: set up complex scheduling plans, that create the right ‘showtimes’ for your viewers – ensuring your event NEVER becomes another video.
The Choice Is Yours.

Here Is Why You Are Getting Webinar Alpha…

You want to increase the reach and frequency you can market to your subscribers.
You want to increase sales by selling to more people, more often.
You want to achieve greater results and greater profits with less work
Webinar Alpha’s Smart Replay Technology Will Make It Possible To Market Anytime, Anywhere, As Often As Your Wallet Desires.
Webinar Alpha’s Intelligent Engagement Features Will Make It Possible For You To Make Sales From The Same Webinar Ran Completely As LIVE As Many Times As You Want.

Webinar Alpha Offers Complete Real-Time Engagement For Recorded Webinars With Its Unique Ground-Breaking Technology:
Let’s Have a Closer Look at Exactly What You’re Going To Be Able To Achieve As Soon As You Start Using Webinar Alpha:

Run More Webinars, More Often, With Less Work:

Record Your Webinars in advance with ZERO limitations, so you can run them as live and no one will ever know. Meaning your money making webinars never have to interfere with your life or schedule ever again! You can even use existing videos – from YouTube!
Live Sells – Turn Any Replay Into A ‘Like-Live Event’ Event With Locking Technology

By using our “live locking” technology – you can take any video – and truly make it an event. That means, if someone turns up ten minutes late, they start ten minutes into your event, not at the beginning! Nothing else is more authentic!

Real Time Engagement – Done in Advance!

Give the ultimate ‘live’ experience for your viewers with Webinar Alpha’s when you want to boost results – with real-time chatting technology.

Plus add Facebook comments for long term ‘this is live’ appearance.

Professional Branding: Control Exactly How Speakers And Events Appear

The intuitive speaker branding options and event theme browser makes it incredibly easy to style any event to look the way YOU want it.

Capture More Leads:

With Webinar Alpha’s branded lead gen page, and Aweber & Getreponse API integration – you capture leads. Automatically.
Discover Hidden Profit Opportunities

Advanced statistics show you exactly where you can optimize your replay events to get maximum success.
No Need To Manually Upload Your Videos:

Simply provide Webinar Alpha with the URL of your video. That means you can setup events from your cell phone. No bandwidth worries ever again.
Seamless Autoresponder Integration:

Webinar Alpha works seamlessly with all major autoresponders including: Aweber, Get Response, Mail Chimp, InfusionSoft, SendReach, SendLane, iContact and many, many more.
Intelligent Followup

Webinar Alpha uses retargeting, so you can advertise to people who didn’t complete your ‘event’ funnel. With built in email followup campaigns, sent automatically – you benefit from every last optin and sale.

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