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Let’s now review some of the AWESOME WebinarProFusion features…
Unlimited Webinars, Unlimited attendees, and at anytime of the day.

Other webinar platforms charge exponential fees especially as you grow your audience. With WebinarProFusion, there will be NO EXTRA COST AT ALL!

Don’t forget that your audience does NOT need to login or be in front of computer when they attend your webinar. They can use iPhone, Android, iPad, and much more.
Testimonial From Experts In The Industry
James Ward

I have been doing webinars for several years now. I have tried almost every platform out there from Go to Meeting to Webinar Jam. Without a doubt Webinar Fusion Pro is the user-friendliest platform I have used, and the most affordable. The value is huge! I would recommend anyone wanting to take their business to the next level via webinar to get started today, you wont be disappointed.

CEO & Co-Founder of 2SL Start Living
Schedule Your Webinar 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Host your webinar on the spot, today, tomorrow, or even on any schedules of your choice. It is your choice. The system will automatically remind your registrants via email at your appointed date and time. (By the way, you can even customize your email to suit your needs)
Co-Host your webinars

Do you co-host a webinar with other presenters? Do you want other person to answer questions on chat?
No problem. You can have up to 10 co-hosts and co-administrators to run your webinar.

The Advanced “No Opt-in Required” Technology!

Let’s imagine that your audience wants to invite their facebook friends to watch the webinar, but they value their privacy. What should you do in this case? Well, with our advanced “No Opt-in Required” Technology, you can provide your audience with a guest link. This allows them to freely share your link with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, emails, and much more. It is that simple.
Host Your Own Webinar On Your Site.

(Traffic Leaked Proof!)
Why give your traffic away to the webinar platform where they can advertise their services? Well, with Webinar Fusion Pro, you can host your own webinar on your website. All you need to do is EMBED the code on any part of your website. This allows your audience to watch your LIVE webinar either from your blog or any websites you wish to embed your code. There is NO LIMIT. Oh, by the way, once your LIVE webinar session is over, our technology will automatically save the recording to Webinar Fusion Pro
Meet Up With Your Clients?

We got you covered. You can start your meeting at anytime and at anyday. All you need to do is login to your account click on “Start HOA”, and that’s it. No need to meet in person where you have spent thousands of dollars on travelling expenses. Simply give a private link to your client and let the meeting start right away.
Need a virtual conference room for your team and your customers?

It is available for you 24/7. You don’t need to reserve the space ahead of time.
You can meet your clients regardless whether they are in United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, U.K, and anywhere in the world.
… Yes, you can even share your screen, a powerpoint presentation slides, or any files you wish to provide to your clients or teams via DropBox.
Customize your live webinar with “Ticker” technology!

Need to look like an infomercial on TV? We got your covered. You can add an overlay footer bar with your name, logo, or even the product you promote. This way your audience will know who you are and the topic of the webinar. Of course, you can always edit the description, switch on/off at any point of your website. It is the hot feature that brands your webinar.
Analyze your data, download, and understand your audience.

Need to know who and what platform they attend your webinar?
No problem. We got you covered as well. At the end of each webinar, you are able to analyze your traffic, registrations, attendees, and device your audience use to access your webinar.
In addition, You can also download the chat log info, questions you asked to your audience, and your attendees info via CSV files.
Pretty much, everything is your fingertips. It is that powerful!

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