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Click, Track, Profit… It’s That Easy!
“With This SIMPLE Software You Can Increase Your Leads And Sales By Ethically Spying On Your Visitors In Real Time With Heat Maps! The Solution To Your Problem Is FINALLY Here!”

WP Heat Map Tycoon Features:
Record Heat Maps By Clicks
Record Mouse Tracking
Record Scrolls
Download Your Data With Out Limitations
You Get Advance In-Depth Analytic’s
No Limitations, Self-Hosted!
No EXPENSIVE Monthly Fees Ever! One Time Fee!

You Can Track All Clicks
You can now track all of your website clicks, and you can see them with the Heat Map.

This data can boost your sales overnight!

No more thinking on what works, now you can see exactly what your visitors are clicking on your pages and you can optimize it to increase your sales
Track By Mouse Movement
Why not track how your visitor is moving on your page. Well now you can!

You can see if they are moving around your site like you want them to. This data will give you the advantage, you can modify different areas of your pages if your visitors are not interested in it.

No more guessing!
Track By Scroll
Are your visitors scrolling down your page?

Now you can see how far your visitors are scrolling down your page. You can fix your call’s to action to be above the fold if they are not scrolling past it.
You Get Some AMAZING Analytic’s
Now you can track all of your visitors, Track IP addresses, Track all pages, Track Browser, Track all sessions, and much MORE.
You Can Track 30 Days Of Vistors Activity
Don’t rely on only 1 or 2 days of tracking.

Now you have the power to track 30 days of visitors activity!
Track All Of Your Visitors & Pages
You can track how many visitors are going to your site, and how many pages are being tracked.
Track All Of Your Latest Sessions
You can track what type of browsers your visitor is using, what’s there IP address, From what country they are coming from.

You have the POWER in your hands!
Track Your TOP 3 Pages
Now you can see what your TOP 3 pages are! Great data to have!
World Wide Regional Statistics
No more guessing where your visitors are coming from!

You can now see what part of the world they are coming from!

This data will help you understand your market better and see what part of the world is more interested in your products or services!

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