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How You’re Already Losing 1 in 10 Of Your Commissions By Buyers Switching Browsers

By pure accident, while looking through our server logs one day we found that 1 in 10 buyers were switching browsers after landing on the sales offer.

Upon further investigation, we also found that approximately 10% of affiliates were not being paid in our sales statistics.

When we looked through thousands of sales records, we also found that this 1 in 10 was consistent and directly matched the missing sales commissions.

The problem is, 99% of link cloakers don’t protect your commissions from browser switching.
How You’re Losing Commissions From Dead Links 24 Hours A Day

As you probably already know, sales offers come and go. Servers break, sales pages are up one minute, down the next.. It all contributes to dead links.

When a buyer lands on a dead link, any chance you may have had to profit is gone.

As you already know from your own server logs, there are 1,000’s of people that are hitting your sites on pages that just don’t exist.

Every single one of these visitors is a potential buyer.

Instead, these visitors are presented with a 404 page and the opportunity of a sale is instantly lost.
You’re Losing Money By Being Blocked From Posting Your Affiliate Links On Major Social Sites

Many social sites are now blanket banning both affiliate and cloaked affiliate links from certain market places.

This makes it ultra hard for affiliate marketers to post legitimate offers on such social networks.

As a direct result, affiliate marketers are losing out on a mammoth amount of traffic and commissions.

Even if you do manage to post a link, often the appearance of the image and text for your link is garbage and results in very few clicks.
Your List Is Being Harvested By Exit Offers Without Your Consent

Many of your subscribers are often tauted by free exit offers on sales pages you are promoting.

The problem here of course is that you aren’t getting paid any commission for this and yet you’re still handing over your subscribers!

This dilutes your list, kills it’s responsiveness and results in significantly reduced earnings.

Worse still, you have zero control over this as vendors can add exit offers at any time, often after you start promoting.
Most Cloaked Links Look Horrible And Blatantly Spell Out “This Is An Affiliate Offer!”

If you’re using standard free cloaking services such as bit.ly, goo.gl or tinyurl, the resulting link looks like complete garbage.

These visually unattractive links have no keyword or brand relevance reduce click rates and cut into your bottom line.

Not only that, but many internet users today associate these links with spam, phishing or affiliate marketing attempts and have immense distrust for them.

These limited services also do not allow you do edit the links after creating them, so you cannot redirect your traffic to a better or newer offer.
You Can Fix ALL This In Seconds

WP Link Shield Is The Only Link Cloaker That Protects Against Browser Switching

Unlike regular link cloakers, WP Link Shield links never expose the raw sales page link or the raw affiliate link.

With WP Link Shield, links always remain the same and never decloak.

Because of this, whenever a WP Link Shield link is copied between browsers or even shared via email, chat or social media you still get paid commissions.

Your links will have unparalleled commission protection when you use WP Link Shield.
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