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Visitors Just Can Not Resist
Curiosity gets the better of people when you lock content away makes them want to see it even they want to see it even more.
Fast Simple Set UP
Once installed the preset defaults allow for fast setup so any user can completely lock content ready for social sharing.
Built In Email Broadcasting
Once you started collecting leads their is no need for third party costs with the built in email broadcasting newsletter system.
Web Bots Friendly Coding
You are in full control of what content gets indexed into the search engines for further indexing and visitors.

This unique, clever plugin puts an unfair advantage directly
at your fingertips…never worry about traffic again!
WP She’s Viral Plugin Main Settings

Lock Box Style: Set a default design (optional)
Share Icons: Social share buttons to help spread your links.
Pinterest Image: Set a default image for sharing (optional)
Facebook Image: Set a default image for sharing (optional)
Database & Misc: Clear the database any time you like.
Web Bots: Block or allow certain web bots (optional)
Mailing: Full control over how emails are sent out.

**Optional Parts** Some parts can be over ridden per post or page even if set. Images here are clickable
WP She’s Viral Post & Page Settings
Activate Lock: To Turn ON/Off WP She’s Viral Pro.
Select List: Build targeted email lists per page/post setting.
Activate Multi Share: Link locked content together.
Multi Share Keyword (optional): Link locked content by keyword.
Force,1,2,3,4,5: Gives the ability to lock content 6 Times.
Style: Set a design for each post or page (optional) see below.
Bots: Turn allow web bots on or off per post or page.
Visitors needed to unlock: Points set here exchange for visitors.
Select Image: Image to use to hide the content front end.
Enter Url: Links images above to just get extra clicks on offers.
WP She’s Viral Post & Page Layout
You have full control of the layout on the front end as you can move items around and re-write text elements to say exactly what you desire using the built in WP editor just like in the image you see to the left and those elements are their by default for ease of use so you do not have to start from scratch as even the short codes are already in place for you to change locations as you desire.

We have as well supplied a example tab just in case you make a mistake and need to double check what shortcodes are used or want to reset the layout.
WP She’s Viral Autoresponder Settings
Create UN-Limited local auto responder campaigns so all leads are kept in groups and can be assigned to each post or page for lead collection as people signup they get the confirmation emails as you would expect to keep those fake emails out and can be auto backed up across to any third party service of your choice.

Once your signup has confirmed they will be notified with a welcome email and then half way during the unlock process they get a encouragement email for more sharing and traffic to your blog and once unlocked they then get a final email all can be crafted to your preference.
Send, Create, Schedule, Newsletter
Once you have collected some leads it is time to build relationships and make some money from those relationships by using the simple newsletter broadcasting system your in control of the sending times and with the built in cron system it takes care of delivery whilst you are not even around to hit send.

Great cost saving feature to pre qualify leads as well to know they are worth your time keeping them.
On Board Stats To The Minute.
WP She’s Viral Has on board stats so you can have a overview of the traffic on the blog instantly and see where and what posts are getting the traffic or being shared in a instant and we give you details about if the hit was human or bot and what browser was used and the post id which resulted in the tracking.

You can as well see a days,weeks,months view to know what is working and what is not working over the whole blog installation.
That’s Cool… But What Else Can WP She’s Viral Do?
Here is just a taste of some of the features of she’s viral plugin for WordPress which is
by no means limited to but lets go over some main features here…
100% Responsive
Overall locked content is 100% responsive so it will adjust to the page size and screen resolution so it displays at it’s best.
1 Click Re-Optin
Once you have someone subscribed to one post they can with one click re optin to a different content or if they un-subscribed 1 click re-subscribe.
Unique Referral Links
Each locked piece of content generates a unique link that each visitor can use as a referral link and share this link any where they desire.
Allow or Block Web Bots
You are in control to allow web bots to crawl locked content so it gets indexed and gives you extra listings in the serps for extra traffic.
Setup Defaults
Once installed the user can set up some defaults to make it easy all round to lock posts using those default settings.
6 Locks
One post or page can be locked 6 times in one go by adding the force codes and the content to be locked and let the fun begin…
Multi Post Locks
Link locked content together across your whole blog using this feature and even link by keyword to build multiple on topic lists and viral traffic.
Send Notifications
Visitor optins for unlocking updates gives you great opportunity to grow your lists and keep visitors engaged in coming back to the blog.
Built-in pre designs
Built in lock boxes to easily display a variety of designs across the whole blog that can be changed at any time or by page – post area or even upload your own to each locked content.
Email Broadcast
With email broadcasting on board you can at any time send emails to any of your leads about any offers you desire and even schedule emails to be sent at the time from the newsletter section.
Facebook and Pinterest
Choose a default image to be shared to these sites for even more exposure in banner style sized images can bring great rewards and each post or page can have a different image set.
Pre Social Sites
To help kick off social sharing their are 10 sites to increase the conversions of people just taking action while on the post or page and you have full control to turn off or on any of these sites.
Autoresponder Split
Lead collection on the front end any visitor signing up will be delivered to your autoresponder as well as kept in house for lock notifications.
Autoresponder API
Because we have included the most popular autoresponder services via their API it will save users time in adding those if they are a member.
Because of the features of she’s viral you can even use it for competitions or giveaways to bring in more traffic and leads into any business.
Global Viral Sharing
A visit to a locked post will generate a unique referral link and that is their own link to use for sharing across the internet.

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